I am lost cast away to dreams

by the hammock of wonder,

my soul sleeps yonder,

wondering of the peace that

know abases the hoarseness

of my heart


and my spirit becomes Eden

sunlight swims in it like a garden,

the water, nurtures it

and the air, fresh

like the mint of freedom

indeed, my spirit becomes Eden


My understanding,

overcome by a force, flawless,

peacefully infallible,

silently formidabble

with a gentle touch


My moroseness drowns

beneath the sea

and the forecast of oneness

encircles me,

it is enlightnening, how my soul

could be extricated from

all principles of reality,

a mental jail,

of school,

of family,

of friends,

to extricate,

set free,

where my very being can be

realized by the mirror of my heart


I can sleep like a baby know,

and my eyes become fire,

burning with power

and might

and the stardom,

my heart has given me victory,

something more,

than equations and geometry....

something more

than philosophies,

it is the marvelous novel of instinct,

that clothes me like a cloak

and make me fly

like a bird in the sky

with wings of lightning.

                                          By Kakraba Afful

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