When I kiss the lips so mighty,

the world is dethroned,

by my mind does waltz into mystery,

and mystery smiles upon my

thought with the glee of denial


and I begin to walk on

the road ordained by the mountains,

to find out how my heart

can stop screaming in  wonder


when I see those eyes, unquestionable

there is peace within

and the wars that my soul has

fought are brought to justice,

by a wonderful silence

no more mutiny,

my soul seizes to betray


She smiles at her conquest

but my manhood does not limp

but rise without authority,

since my hands married

those palms, divine


And this feeling I wear,

makes life walk away,

but breathless I know

of deathlessness

and the novel of the gentle

she becomes the

omen of my soul


and by her tears,

the gales turn to hurricane

but her laughter,

fortunes runs towards me


So I cuddle her,

with this feeling I wear,

irresistible and influence

with an impulse of no impulse,

and I hold this true charm

in my palm,

one that makes my heart glaze

as it is brandished by truth


I do not fathom,

how my mist is cuddled,

not snared by friendly lightning,

but if I must be Rayden,

or breathe fire,

her presence must so

stand like a monument

not statue,

then she must smile like the spring,

bloom with the amore,

my only obedience to the might

she has given me.

                                        By Kakraba Afful


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