Corruption is an itching palm. Corruption means adopting dishonest means to earn money illegally. It has become a universal phenomenon. This effects the quality of social life of countries. At present India is considered to be one of the highly corrupted country.

                       Social life depends on certain moral principles. These have been formulated ages ago. A society which follows these has a peaceful existence. When these principles are violated life becomes corrupted. But today these values are thrown to wind. People seek ways of earning easy money and leading a luxurious life.

                          Today corruption is seen in every walk of life. The main reason for this is man’s selfishness. Now almost every man is after money, power and fame. These have replaced all the other values people followed earlier. Ends have become important. Immoral and dishonest means are pursued to achieve these ends. Man is prepared to do anything for the sake of money. He is not wanted about his image in society. Society too has learnt to respect respect the man with money irrespective of his moral stature. Earning money in the honest way is always to be appreciated. But people have become greedy. They want to earn as much as possible. Smuggling, hoarding, black-marketing are the result of this greed to earn the easy buck.

                                 Corruption has become the order of the day. In public life this has assumed monstrous proportions. Almost in every office you find corruption. Things cannot be got done without greasing somebody’s palm. Inflation and rising prices also lead employees to corrupt ways. Political field is largely corrupted. Leaders preach morals before they get elected. Once they are in power they are after money. Of  late ‘scams’ have become a part of politics. Politicians have to be a model to the public. But they have failed to be so. People follow suit.

                                      There are many laws in India to prevent corruption. Government agencies like the A.C.B. are given the job of controlling corruption. In spite of these corruption is on the rise.

                                      A basic change has to come in the mentality of people. They should give up selfishness. Honesty should be practiced in all public activities. Only then this evil can be totally eradicated.

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