We all know the prevalence of corruption in today's India. It must be present in ancient India also though with a varying degree.Any recorded instances of corruption in History.How can we trace and explain its evolution with specific reference to India. Chanakya used Vishkanyas who acted as pleasure-woman for Nandas and then killed them.It may be taken as an instance of corruption. He is also reputed to have bribed many members of Nanda's army to enable Chandragupta maurya to defeat the Nanda king. A verse in Rigveda means."Stars hide on sunrise the way thieves hide on seeing somebody" indicating existence of anti-social elements in those days also.But this does not indicate the degree to which it was prevalent then.There are many instances of important people like "Jai Chand", "Mir Kasim" taking a particular course of action for private benefit. But isolated instances does not indicate degree.



Corruption is NOT a disease, its a BAD HABIT and later ADDICTION for Money.See, those who are corrupt, are people like me and you. They are not aliens and hence solving this problem is Radically difficult.Though not impossible.Why are people corrupt??
1. The LEGAL Income they earn, is not sufficient for them to leave a NORMAL life.
2. Every one around them is corrupt and earns hell lot of money which gives them complex and they start demanding bribes.
3. They have no RESPECT/FEAR of The Laws and LAW Keepers or Guardians. Cause those who implement the law are themselves corrupt.
4. Lack or the feeling of Responsibility and Belonging.

Working for corruption should be an ongoing process for generations.Every child, coming into this world, should be taught about ethics and it should be embossed on his mind that how corruption is bad and even fatal sometimes.Every kid should be taught to respect others.We should start from ourselves.We should set an example that we are not corrupt.On top of this:We should have really stringent laws and good people who implement these laws to insure that people will think a thousand times before they give/take bribe.we should also make sure that basic facilities like education and higher education, medical facilities and other are available at a very reasonable price.

Is there any reference to the corruption prevalent in society in ancient literature?Was our society always as corrupt as it is today ?
If not, when did it raise its ugly head. I think corruption needs to be defined first. Moral corruption and Legal/monetary corruption are two different things.There could be many ways but I strongly feel through EDUCATION corruption will take a back seat.How?
Some says Eradicating Corruption Its no way possible.Corruption can be of many types like corporate corruption, political corruption, data corruption, so on & so forth & eradicating these corruption totally is not possible.As long as earth is revolving corruption will do co-exist. When the earth stops revolving that will be the end of corruption.it is easy to give lectures but when you will be in the system you will face the truth,being an engineer am prepared for it.lets see how far i can go in government sector.if you can keep yourself clean in the most corrupt environment  that too will be far beyond commendation. forget about stopping it.if you dare yoyourself to fight aagainst it.dozens of driving force will rise to throw you out of the system.Better be practical so its the responsibility of each of the individuals to v a universal nation, which is practically not at all possible.

Education enlightens people & harness ones inner potential & refines & redefines it into a sociable & friendly one. it widens ones horizon, wisdom, knowledge, discernment & so on.Take this case, accumulating lots of money & wealth is, not doubt, a no nonsense pursuit. However, education will teach you how to generate money & wealth for the betterment of people.The difference between an educated & uneducated person is not in their looks or heights but in their attitudes.Educated person will think for the people, he will have a self awareness & will seek for a solution rather than answer or comfort & above all he will empathize with the poor & needy.Such is the impact of education that still today the most powerful nation of the universe, the US, is still stressing the importance of education tirelessly.Making it compulsory for all the citizens of the state may give us a ray of hope to deliver us from the bondage of Corruption.

There is always an exception to rules may be there could be few people despite educated but unwise but the impact will be much more minimal than if there were many uneducated people in the state.So , according to me, through education we can definitely think of uprooting or reducing Corruption to a great level in our state/Country.Therefore, how to educate people may be more important or significant than how to banish corruption as the disappearance of later is imminent if the former precedes it.


The so called system of administration is inherent with bugs and this directly or indirectly leads to corruption. So unless You develop a new system you cant eradicate corruption. But i believe deep down that an ideal system is impossible. its like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle where the idea of knowing the position and velocity of electron simultaneously is impossible, its not because
of any deficiency in the measuring apparatus but its nature's nature. So any attempts seem futile.  

Corruption can be eradicated.If only we really mean to do it.It has to start form each person.Can we say that we are honest in all the simple duties we are doing?Honesty stars in simple things and it begins when we are Young.We can really train a young generation which will uphold the real values of humanity.Where there is a will there is a way.

Since corruption today is not limited only upto the politicians but to a much larger scale and the system involves not only the one who is corrupt but also those who encourage any form of this corruption.be it bribe taking or giving and the entire system just cannot be changed.so to conceive a corruption free space would be nothing less than a fool's paradise.

My solutions are
1.) We all should try to raise our voice gainst corruption. Corruption is corruption even if it is for 1 rs. or 1 crore. So try to raise your voice even for 1 rs when you see somebody is charging extra. Don`t think that 1 rs. is a small money, let him to have this.

2.) corruption can be stopped only if it is stopped from higher official. Higher rank can ask to lower rank to stop corruption. But reverse is very difficult. So the people who are against corruption should be in power. So our good youth must come in politics to clean the system.

3.) We all have to promise ourselves that we will never be corrupt in life. No body can impose this to you. You only can promise to yourself. So be loyal to you and try to speak to yourself.

To stop corruption, i think all these three things are necessary. if we will choose only one option, it is still difficult. So we have to work on all these three things.

Why are we in such a helpless situation? Why are we not doing anything?
The answers are simple. We have compromised at every level of our life. Corruption is not just within politicians, it is within our system.It is within our lives. And this is taking us nowhere but towards doom.We need to clean the evil within us as soon as possible.Politicians alone cannot indulge in corruption. They are supported by each and every level of hierarchy in our system. Our police system, our income tax department, our electricity department, everywhere there is corruption. Who are these people who are doing corruptions? These are our very own people who are indulging in corruption.

This could be your father or mother or brother or sister or husband or wife or son or daughter or relative or friend. Every paise of corrupt money that you eat and drink is equivalent to flesh and blood of our fellow Indians.Is your father a corrupt? Is your mother a corrupt? Is your brother a corrupt? Is your sister a corrupt? Is your husband a corrupt? Is your wife a corrupt? Is your relative a corrupt? Is your friend a corrupt? If you are tolerating such a person, you are actually helping those corrupt people and being equally responsible for state of our nation.Clean India from corruption by changing people around you. Stop consuming anything obtained from corruption, you won’t die if you lose out few pleasures in life.This is our only chance to save and change those corrupt people else a situation will certainly arise where they would cross the limits of our toleration and that’s when we would be forced to kill them brutally. Corruption & Crime in the nation is skyrocketing as a consequence of lack of fer of Law cases drag for ever.then again, there is a next higher court.


Then we have a lame idiotic constitution that only plays around with peoples sentiments to further create insecurity in Politicians and to make them do all number games to come on same seat again .As if these parliamentary seats are world bank seats!. Whom to blame?

Then we have politicians, government and private industry officials who take and give corruption are also Indian citizens like you and me only so whom to blame?Then Cream over the Cake is our Judiciary system which I even don't care to talk about! Whom to blame?Then we have bias media which is sold to all international elements trying to gain nothing more then religious or Communist agendas to further corrupt our mind! whom to blame?Then we have our bloody history of 1100 years of Ghulami under Mughals and then Britishers which has Genetically made us most tolerant people towards self destruction. whom to blame?
Hence yes its very much possible that we will kill lots of people for this one day!

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