There is no shortcut to success

The one who choose shortcuts for success comes down faster than he reached there at the top because that was only a short-lived unplanned, no-goals success. Only a proper way with right set-goals can take us to our destination in the end, which gives us satisfaction and we can stay there without a feeling of guilty consciousness. 

Gandhi simple

Although, we are fortunate enough to follow ideas, different ideologies or thoughts of great people we have or had in our society. For instance, most people find Mahatma Gandhi as their most ideal person and rightly so as he is close to hearts of most of our fellow fellow citizens. This probably is truer in case of newer generation who find his ideology cool … amazing although, some of his principals are almost impossible to follow or concepts difficult to implement but Mahatma Gandhi is still in demand of most people who are looking for a shortcut in to politics. Mahatma Gandhi seems like a surefire way, a learning license for a new driver down the parliamentary road. These people using him as identity card to show on the gate of parliament, some of them are doing it for some time now while some others are in the process of doing so. His hard work not a consideration but his achievements more alluring, no one seems to take his efforts into consideration, Mahatma never needed a ‘Gandhi cap’ to become a true leader but he did it through his sheer will to sacrifice and nothing but selfless service for the downtrodden as sole purpose.


The new generation with many upcoming leaders is smart enough who does it in a well planned way, the simplest way to politics seems to through Gandhi’s ways of works like fasting, law-breaking, sit on time bound or unlimited hunger strikes but they have not set goals apart from one point program insight ‘the chair’. Now, how many of such self-styled leaders who appear while the election time around wearing khadi, a Gandhi cap think about the way Gandhi used to or the way he believed in self-work. The way the new generation entering into politics, makes it more look like a launch of a new business than a way to serve the nation or public in general. Hat is not the way one can reach to the top unless you are part of the system or from highly established political clan. This is not easy to emulate Gandhi who did nothing for his self-interest, he never wanted any thing in thing in return, he set a difficult goal for himself and never looked back with nothing to loose but every thing to gain. He had nothing which could be described his asset apart from his will and no one was strong enough to take it away from him. He was true Mahatma.

This world has been a combination in between two class poles apart, one with all the money in the world and the other with nothing to eat or shelter although a middle class exists in between these two but that has too confused a status neither here nor there. The way concrete jungles are taking over actual jungles and fields, which are disappearing from the scene to make poor people of this country still poorer. This is most easy to deliver a lecture for the benefit of poor people’s sake but how many of such leaders have target to uplift them to provide them meals and shelter. How many of these so-called leaders have plans for education for the urban poor or their livelihood? They have nothing but words, which come out non-stop at amazingly fast pace without having any real meaning that matters. 

Politics is all about a policy that works in a systematic way for the poorest of the country with no differences between different casts, creeds or religion that was the basic of our constitution. When we had that in mind at the time of constitutional- rights setting stage, now meaning of every constitution has been turned to a certain direction that leads to vote-bank only. The need to spiritualize politics, as Gandhi used to think is more apt in prevailing situation when the need of the hour is to look at the people at the lowest ladder of the society without considering his cast or religion and this should be done without wasting another day as we are already too behind the schedule. This is demand of the occasion to do it before the common people revolt to change the system that may lead to further chaos. 

Let us discuss the most disputed yet his best arm against violence ‘offer your left cheek if some one hit you on the right one’ for the present generation this is perhaps the most difficult job when the trend seems to be ‘the mud slinging’ this seems to be the prime job of politicians today, attack and counter attack. If some one hits some one on one cheek the natural reaction is to hit him back with double force on both cheeks and better still finish at least one of his generations to teach him a proper lesson. But, where is the end of such verbal fights and physical feuds? But that is what going on in full view of common people of this country where leaders or powers those be have crossed every limit, and the worst part of the story is that no one is ashamed right from top to bottom.   

Although, this is an undisputed fact that if a person can follow Gandhi in true sense there is no way any one can hit him on even his one cheek or accuse him for any thing wrong but the only condition that’s  what required to obtain that status is true values of Gandhi. This seems a difficult proposition in today’s conditions, as we want instant gains with immediate opinions. Shortcuts are no solutions and the way we are acting in the name of Gandhi looks more like a threat in place of doing any good for the cause of common public of this country. That is taking advantage of mob psychology only. People simply taking shelter behind Gandhi committing violence in the name of Gandhi but every thing is fair as long as they are doing it in the name of Gandhi. Gandhi is in fashion among the new crop of self-styled leaders more than ever before. They have an open license to kill innocent emotions of unsuspecting public, which influenced easily in the name of Gandhi. Gandhi in fact is grossly misused today. He has been shot almost six decades before. Just think about it please and give it a serious thought before murdering him allover again - on daily basis.

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