Transparency Needed




1.) There are Different types of political interference in the bureaucracy. These interference

results in growing political and bureaucracy curruption. If there comes transperency in public

administration then the link between the politics and bureauracy will be exposed and thus

curruption can be reduced.


2.) Criminalisation of politics, increasingly inrecent years, has resulted in great deal of

curruption in the bureaucracy with the entry of criminal elements in politics more and more

of the administrative personal have fallen for the baits of power and money. Due to

non-transparent working of goverment, the public is unaware about these practices

in a democratic country like india transparency is essential for the proper functioning of the



3.) In a democratic country the real power exists in the hands of the general public and

bureaucrats are public servants. Therefore public has the power get the information about

the process if administration. This requires transparency.


4.) Sometimes promotion of an officer is made not on the basis of his contacts with the

political leaders. These kind of incidents ultimately degrade the values those are

enshrined in our holy constitution. If there is transparency then it will not be possible to

promote anyone without any performance.


5.) The money earned by the goverment and the money spent should be known to the public

so that the general people so that the general people could be satisfied that no

extravaganzas are going on. After all the money earned by the goverment is the money

given by the public to them. In democracy everbody have full rights to know about his/her

hard earned money taken by the goverment as taxes. This also needs Transparency in

Public Administration.


6.)“Increased transparency, anti-corruption and good administrative practices in the

public sector are decisive parameters in the Government of Vietnam’s efforts to

create a service minded public sector that can truly serve the people. Denmark is

pleased to support Vietnam in these efforts and in building capacity of academic

institutions in human rights research and human rights law at  academic institutions.

Increased Transparency

Academia can play an important role in generating knowledge on, but also

demystifying, human rights, which I am certain will add value to Vietnam’s

effort to move towards a democratic society based on the rule of law ”, Danish

Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen noted in connection with the signing of the

funding agreement.





1.) There is a widespread illiteracy among the people of India. Very few of us know how the

administration works. Therefore explaining only to few literates makes no meaning So at

present no need of transparency.


2.) There is right of Information granted by the Constitution Of India to the people of India. But

this right has seldom been exercised. Very few people desire to know the process of

administration regarding a particular issue. so there is no need tomake hue and cry about the

tranparency in public admisntration.


3.) In place of providing transperancy in public administration what is required to change the

bureaucracy's attitude and approach towards the needs and concerns of our nation and its



4.) Transperancy will not be helpful because even if there is  a curruption charge filed against

a bureaucrat by a citizen of India, judicial procedure will last for so long that the accused will

complete his job tenure. So we should try to speed up the judicial proceedings because if it is

there then the currupt bureaucrats can be caught and punished.



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