In the thick of the election, he found time to talk to us. Now three months after the interview,he holds the post oF Union Minister of state for externail affairs. He is a multifaceted personality who has adorned many positions & achieved as many laurels.Using concrete facts & an optimistic note, he has able to motivate us to be involved in the running of our country.His inspiring talk on vision 2020

India has a long way to go before it can achieve a superpower status. But at the same time I beleive thet we can be a very influential power in the world.THE IDEAS IS THAT THE ATTRACTION OF iNDIAS CULTURE,ITS VALUES,ITS PRINCIPLES,ITS DEMOCRACY,& ITS PLURALISTIC & CREATIVE SOCIETY [etc]gives it a strength which will earn india an influential place in the world.Even our democracy,which some of us are not efficiently participating in,is a great strength for us,last election,I was travelling in the arab world when the result came in & we had an election won by women politiccal leaders,of christian faith, of italian background, with a sikh sworn in as Prime Minister by a muslim president in a country which has 81% hindu population.

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