As we all know about Nelson Mandela and we all aware about contributions towards freedom. Let's know more about him.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on 18th July 1918, in a village in the area known as Transkei of South Africa. He was born in Thembu Xhosa family.His family members who never went to school but at the age of 7, he started attending school. Actually, "Nelson" as a name was given by a Methodist teacher. After completing basic education, he pursued his Bachelor's degree in Arts at the Fore Hare University. During these days, he was asked to leave the university because he made himself engaged or involved in the boycott of the Students' Representative Council. After getting removed from university, later , he joined University of South Africa and completed his degree course.

In those days, racial discrimination was common which became one of the reason that influenced him to promote the boycott of Students' Representative Council. As racial discrimination was common , this made life very difficult in South Africa. As Mandela belonged  to 'Black' community, he started getting insulted, injustice. To avoid such racial discrimination, number of organizations started to fight against racial discrimination.

One of these organizations, African National Congress (ANC) got itself actively involved in fighting against racial discrimination. Getting known about this body or organization, Mandela got himself joined in ANC in 1942. After joining ANC, roughly two years later, he gathered few other members who were strongly influenced after being in ANC and founded the Youth League. As this league was formed by members of ANC itself, it was a branch of ANC which consisted fresh, young generation people which gave moral boost to ANC which undoubtedly did the job of adding more fuel to the fire and flames of liberation began to blaze stronger and stronger than before in the minds of common people.

Later, he founded a law firm with his lawyer friend Oliver Tambo. This foundation encorporated low costing, free counsel to poor people of the region. He along with his co-workers decided to raise the struggle by getting arms and ammunitions which led his arrest and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Despite of spending almost 25 years in prison, his spirits could not diminish from him and he sent a message while he was in prison. Message was

" Unite! Mobilize! Fight on! Between the anvil of united mass action and the hammer ofthe armed struggle we shall crush apartheid!"

Due to sustained efforts by Nelson Mandela, south Africa and its residents witnessed its first ever democratic elections on 27 April 1994. ANC won a landslide victory and Nelson Mandela took over as the first democratically elected President of South Africa , and the first black to do so ever! This way Nelson Mandela showed remarkable patience, hope and liberating the people of his country and giving them new lease of life.

This defines act of patience, tolerance and equally true saying : " Patience and perseverance can overcome mountains."


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