Politicians always say that they are there to do serve the people which is more popularly known as "Praja Seva".  No other word would be more appropriate to a politician than "Praja Seva" if you look at the meaning of the word from a different angle as it is our Praja which does Seva to our politicians. A few example of our Praja does Seva to our politicians are:-

How people retrieve politicians caught in scams:- If a politician is caught in a scam, he defends himself in front of the people saying that he has been victimized since he belongs to a particular caste. Our people waste no time in coming under the emotional black mail of these politicians  by holding rallies in support of politician and by burning vehicles and public property to show our support to our dear politician. Our Praja in their endeavour to do Seva to our politicians, conveniently forget that the losses incurred on account of destruction of property need to be borne by us.

How people rescue politicians families from cases:- If a politicians son is caught in an accident or charged for misbehavior by law and order authorities, then the politicians comes to his sons rescue by appealing to the people saying that  his son has been falsely charged with allegations since he belongs to the minority community. The politicians and their entire families go overboard in doing whatever they want in their lives whether ethical or unethical because they know for a fact that they are assured of their Seva from Praja.

People help politicians in getting their statues constructed:- If a politician wants to boost his ego by getting his statue constructed then again he appeals to the people by saying that when we can have status of people belonging to forward castes, then what is the problem with installing statues of politicians of backward castes.  Again people waste no time in getting the wishes of their leader fulfilled at the expense of crores of rupees, which actually belongs to people themselves but which they do not realize.

Our Praja do not have any time in doing Seva for themselves or to their families, their colleagues, their society  or in the environment they live in, but they have plenty of time to do Seva to their dear politicians and their families and in fulfilling as their wishes and desires.


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