In India Holi is celebrated in a huge way. Holi is the known as the festival of colours . Holi is known as the festival of colours but some people use harmful colours to play holi which are harmful to human beings and also nature. Such harmful colours harm the skin, eyes, hair of us then also we human beings dont understand and doesn't stop the use of harmful colours.

The colours used in holi are are made from toxic chemicals and thats why they are not suitable to be used on Holi. Purple colour is made from chromium Iodide, Red is made from  Mercuric oxide, Black from lead and so on. These all chemicals are very harmful to the human body.

Harmful effects of colours made from chemicals

In the Olden days the colours used in Holi were prepared from flowers of trees which were harmless as against the colours made from chemicals. Various shows on television and various articles in newspapers have been written regarding  the harmful effects of colours on various parts of the body like eyes, skin etc. Colours cause harmful skin infections on the body and many people suffer from various diseases also due to colours made from chemicals.

Seeing all such harmful effects there should be strong promotion of colours made from flowers and colours made from chemicals should be banned.

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