Affordable travel destinations around us- DUBAI
Dubai is one of the greatest paces with tourists’ point of view in the world, which is emerging at very brisk rate to overtake many other tourist centers with its unique features. This is not a very old city but came in to existence in 1950 only. Dubai, part of United Arab Emirate has a population of about seven hundred thousands and is the second largest country of the UAE group of countries, which has seven as famous and popular as Dubai. Dubai is certainly one of the richest among them all.

Dubai is one of the most visited cities by tourists from allover the world. This wonderful city offers a unique package of tourist’ attraction to visitors who visit there for Jungle safaris, Tibba driving, sand-skiing, parties organized by tour organizers, camel races and not to forget Falcon or golden eagles trained for hunting purposes provide a very nice show.

Some of the places to visit
Dubai is famous and full of visitors all year round despite being a for few more places which give its visitors reasons to remember the place for ever like Burz Khalifa the famous and biggest tower in the world, old city with glorious markets, big, famous and grand forts, heard of goats, old wind towers and sunset in the desert. There is Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi a nearby city where one can test drive Ferrari the only car of its kind.

The package tours are available for as low as INR Thirty thousands onward per person, including visa and you can find some more discounted offers if traveling in groups.

Affordable travel destinations around us- NEPAL
Another country within easy reach of Indian travelers, which is as famous for its locations and natural beauty as any big tourists spots in the world. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world situated in south Asia where one can see not only natural beauty that is scattered allover the places. There are many religious and old cultural activities those attract tourists from our country in a big way. Although Katmandu the capital of Nepal is main attraction for tourists here but we should not forget the places like Patan and Bhaktapur in the vicinity those have so much to offer with historic point of view. There are temples and beautifully constructed places where famous people cremated in this area known as Stupa.

Some of the places
which attract tourists in this area are, Durbar square in Katmandu, the place where number of temples, Stupa like Bodhnath stupa, swyanbhunath temple, big courtyards and palaces are there to remind visitors the glorious past of the country. The article would have no meaning if I do not mention the only temple of its kind in the world the famous PASHUPATINATH TEMPLE of Lord Shiva.

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Tourist place in our own country
I am sure many of my friends who are going through these pages have already visited Himachal Pradesh situated in lap of Himalayas. Himachal is one wonderfully beautiful state where visitors come to enjoy their summer vacations from allover the world. The state is full of lovely places like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Chail, Kullu and many more. I have already written an entire article about Shimla therefore I shall skip that place here but would like to take-up Manali and Dalhousie in this article.

Manali- This is the place where they trust that Himachal came into existence from and this place known as birthplace of Himachal according to ancient books and local beliefs. Manali named after great Rishi Manu whose temple is here in old Manali village. Temple of Hidimba constructed about three thousand and five years before in Manali reminds of Mahabharata age and connects the place with that era. There is only one way to enjoy the beauty of the place and that is visit this town situated at the height at 1950 meter from sea-level and forget every thing else.


Dalhousie- Dalhousie interestingly situated at different heights at different places, right from six thousand to nine thousand feet from sea level. This place found by a British officer Lord Dalhousie, as is the case with almost all the hill stations in our country. The place is full of old churches, glorious buildings, and great temples. The views of hills full of snow are simply great to look at. Some of the places where most visitors go are Subash Baoli, Panjpulla, Bakrota hills, Kalatope, Dainkund etc. I am sure you shall never forget the place whole of your life once you have visited here.

Tourist places in South India
South India is my favorite area when it comes to describing about tourist’s interest places of the area. In fact, every place in south is a tourist place wherever I visited during my stays in south starting from Andhra to Kerala and from Tamilnadu to Kerala. There is so much to describe and write about it, which is not possible even in an entire book, although I am writing a book about tourists’ spots of our country, and the book consists mostly of south Indian spots.

There are spots like Chidambaram, Balaji, Meenakshi, Kanyakumai in TN and other famous temples situated in Kerala, famous churches, mosques, palaces and gardens etc. I would like to mention one of the beautiful places of Kerala here Munnar in Idukki near Ernakulam on the Western Ghats situated in Kannan Deven hills. This is only about four thousand and seven hundred feet from sea level still the temperature is pleasant all through the year of this lovely place. I have visited the place many times and I find some of its flowers and plantation disappearing due to tea plantation. However, there are so many lakes and parks, which compensates for missing beauty.

South India is full of different cultures and beautiful places with very kind and simple people who support visitors at every point and come forward to help them without any hesitation. People in south are simple and kind hearted and trust in god. I can suggest you to go and visit South India and enjoy your stay in very beautiful environment and friendly people.


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