Of all the places in Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam has the distinction of the fastest growing city. Located on the beautiful coastline off the Bay of Bengal, the city hosts a number of major industries. The deep natural harbour  at the Visakhapatnam port has made the import and export of raw materials and finished goods very easy and cost-effective.Recently, an Export Processing Zone was set up at Visakhapatnam. Even as the city was Known for its rapid growth, it is the setting up of the steel plant which earned it the name of the 'city of destiny'. Both intellectual and ordinary people saw immense potential for the development with the advent of the steel plant. And no less an intellectual than the Late Shri Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy called it the 'city of destiny'. True to his prophecy, not only has the major integrated steel plant at Visakhapatnam changed the destiny of several thousands of people here, but it has also thrown open new vistas of development. A major power corporation, an additional oil refinery, an aluminium plant, etc., are on the anvil,taking the city into further glory.

History of Visakhaptnam

Visakhapatnam was ruled by King Visakha Varma before the time of Christ , according to puranas . King Visahka built a Temple in the name of lord visakha and hence the name Visakhapatnam.Visakhapatnam was mentioned in the  Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana in the forest of Eastern Ghats .  Rama and Laxaman in the forest of Eastern Ghats went in search of Sita. Hindu texts state that during the fifth century B.C., Visakhapatnam became a part of Kalinga territory, which extended to the Godavari River. The territory of Visakhapatnam came under the Andhra rulers  of Vengi, and Chalukyas and Pallavas ruled the land.


Visakhapatnam is predominantly Telugu speaking, other language like Punjabi,Bengali,Malayalee etc.. are very rarely spoken in this area.


Visakhapatnam has a tropical savanna climate with very little change in temperature throughout the year.With the city's location on the Bay of Bengal , the humidity is throughout the year.November through February is the best time to visit Visakhapatnam weather-wise, since temperatures are moderate.


Visakhapatnam is a collection of natural beauties. It has a range of tourist attractions  including beaches,cliffs ,hilltop parks facing sea, wildlife sanctuary, hill stations, limestone caves etc..

The city is home to several state owned industries, and is one of the largest's seasports of country and has the country's oldest shipyard.

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