Gone are the days when it was necessary for a boy and a girl to be of the same religion, same language & same caste to get married.  This days inter-caste, inter-religion and inter-language marriages  are very common.  When we hear about love marriage, there is excitement all round.  The excitement is not confined just to the boy, but to their relatives, colleagues and in the entire neighbourhood.  Invariably the differing ones are parents belonging to either boy or girl or both of them.

Failure in love marriage:- A love marriage is considered to have failed, if the relationship ends in a divorce or the if the partners decided to stay seperately.  Probable reason for failure in love marriage could be getting married early because of falling in love, much before understanding the practical problems and realities of this world.  It could also be lack of maturity and understand and one of rebellious attitude.

Successful Love Marraige:- A love marriage is considered a success, if the partners are happily married for years without any major frictions.  It is considered even more successful if others around them suggest them as role models as couples.

However there is one aspect where even most of the successful marriages, ones which have lasted even for a long period of time fail.  In most love marriages, even in successful ones, one of the partners either the boy or girl is forced to change their religion.  The pressure either could be from the parents of prospective spouse or the prospective spouse themselves.  Even if the marriage happens without either of them getting converted, the possibilities are that one of them would get converted soon after the marriage.  After conversion, one person has to change his or her religion, then change name, entire customs and traditions inherited from birth.  This could be a painful decision because we inherit this from our ancestors and it is not easy to give them up just to please a person who wants it from you to please his or ego.

If  our love is true, genuine and sincere, a love marriage can be considered complete only if the partners retain their respective faiths and traditions.  A sacrifice forced from one partner would be a bad advertisement for love marriage




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