India is a land which is known for its rich customs and traditions.  There are various festivals which are celebrated in India which have its own significance.  Not every festival is celebrated in the entire country.  There are some festivals which are predominantly North Indian Festivals while there are some which are celebrated primarily only  in the South.  There are even some festivals like Onam which is celebrated in a particular state.

However when it comes to Deepavali, it is celebrated all across the country.  Deepavali is not just a festival, it is more than a festival. While Deepavali has mythological significance as is in the case of most Hindu festivals, Deepavali goes much more beyond mythological significance for an average Indian in today's era  Deepavali is a festival of lights..  The lights come in form of Diya or Deepa meaning lamp in English..  Deepavali to many is like a adventure sport or a action movie, with the atom bombs, hydrogen bombs. Deepavali cracker also bring in grace in the form of sparklers and flower pots which are a treat to the eye. I am sure even in a cricket crazy country like India, we prefer to burst crackers than watch a cricket match.

If crackers are not enough, then Deepavali is also the festival of Sweets.  Maximum number of sweets are distributed in India on Deepavali than on any other day.  In India, even Muslims and Christians celebrate Deepavali.  Infact some Muslims and Christians from affordable families burst more crackers than middle class Hindus. For Muslims and Christains it is an opportunity to share their happiness with their Hindu friends, while for others celebrating Deepavali by bursting crackers gives them immense happiness.

Deepavali will never ever lose its charm because we see this festival as an opportunity to  show  our happiness in today's world   by distributing sweets and bursting crackers.  Deepvali gives an opportunity to almost every Indian to forget their routine day to day problems. Deepavali it is not just a Hindu festival, it is an Indian Festival.  If at all there is something which represents our people, culture traditions and our attitude towards life, it is Deepavali. Even people who are very old and cannot take part in Deepavali celebrations take pride in seeing others celebrate Deepavali. Such is the importance of Deepavali for an average Indian.

Wish all of you a Very Very Happy and Prosperous Deepavali.



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