2 States : Review

2 States, Chetan Bhagat's fourth book. It's almost a sequel to 5 point someone, if you leave out the change in name of the protagonist. Starts with Krish entering IIM after his crazy adventure at IIT. A Punjabi-Tamilian love story, set in times when Hrithik Roshan sprang to fame and parents controlled the worlds of their 20 something children. How their marriage is an unthinkable phenomenon and how it's made not just thinkable but also possible by the two madly in love IIM post-grads. Implication: An IIM MBA helps you manage your future-in-laws as well! Added benefits.

Having read Bhagat's previous works, you'll know what to expect. God calling and setting your life right overnight, making out at the traffic signal, getting lucky with a cute girl at IIT, getting lucky with your friend's sister AT HIS HOUSE(!), a boy wonder killing off a fanatic rioter and other such incidents where over the top will not suffice are what his books include. Stuff that'll fit in Bollywood movies. And stereotypes, loads of them.

And YES, you WILL see the same again. An overemotional mother. An incompetent boss. A much better and higher achieving NRI guy competing with the protagonist to get the girl. The characters are familiar too.
Bhagat stays true to his writing style as well and yes, it's not bad, though nothing extraordinary, either. The wit and sarcasm stand out and are worth quite a few LOL moments. Though, it ends at that. The story tends to drag a little with the same incidents happening over and over again. Friction between the parents of the boy and the girl, etc. Vibrant characters, use of the stereotypes again.

The story tries to have a subliminal message which isn't as subtle anyway. Speaks out loud, REGIONAL UNITY, FUCKERS! Though, nothing inspirational, it does a decent job at putting the message forward.

Overall, the book is as average as one of his protagonists. Nothing booker worthy. Not worthy a reread. Yet, like one of them Bollywood movies, an entertainer and is fun while you read it.

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