Sunflowers, Starry Night, Potato Eaters are master pieces in arts painting world. The painter is none other than Vincent Vangog. When he was alive he was not recognized b anybody. His life was full of pains and sorrows.

Vangog born on 30th March 1853 in a village in Netherlands. His father was a paster. Mother hail from a family having arts connections. In childhood itself he was very much keen on watching the nature. He was interested in having a close look at various birds , animals and other lives in nature.

In the age of fifteen he had to stop his school education. Later he joined Goople and Company ,an arts and crafts distribution  company. In 1874 he was transferred to Paris. There he happened to visit many art galleries. This helped him to get involved with painting more. But he had to leave his job and involved more or religious studies. After studies he became teacher in a private school in England.

He lived with laborers in mines whom were going through a very difficult stage of pains and hungry. He gave his food and clothes for them. Very soon he left the job. He wandered a lot without having a penny in his pocket. All those times he never forget to sketch the painful stages of life in canvass.

In his younger age he happened to fall in many affairs but all gave him pain only. His brother was his only relief at that time. He happened to involve with many famous artists at that time. His works were different from impressionist artists like Pissaro, sessan etc. Most of his pictures were closely linked with nature and its life. He was an unrecognized artist when he lived. He did not earn high from his works but today his pictures worth crores.

In 27th July, 1890 he went for a walk and shot himself on his chest and died. His words “There will be one day when world will give value to my pictures than the colors used” has absolutely come true.

His major paintings are The Potato Eaters, Sun flower, Iris, The Sover, Syprus, Starry Night, Landscape with cottages etc.

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