PHP also having operators like other programming Languages like Java, C++, and C etc.

PHP operators are:-

  • Assignment Operators.
  • Arithmetic’s Operators.
  • Comparison Operators.
  • String Operators.

Assignment Operators:

PHP having assignment operators i.e. (=) 


$a= 4;
$b = $a;

Arithmetic’s Operators:

PHP Arithmetic’s Operators are: +,-,*,/,%.


$c=$a+$b; (addition of two variables)
$d=$a-$b; (Subtraction of two variables)
$d=$a*$b; (Multiplication of two variables)
$d=$a/$b; (Division of two variables)


Comparison Operators:

PHP Comparison Operators are: ==, != , , =.


$a==$b; (Comparison of two variables)
$a! =$b; (addition of two variables)

String Operators:

PHP Strings Operators are: 

There are generally tow String Operators in PHP

  • First is a concatenation Operators (‘.’).
  • The Second one is Assignment Operators (‘=’)


PHP Conditional Statements

PHP Conditional operators are:

  • IF Statement.
  • IF..ElSE Statement.
  • IF..ELSEIF….Statement
  • Switch Statement. 

IF Statement: Like other programming language IF statement executes some statement when some particular condition is true.

Syntax: If (condition)

Code Execute;


IF..Else Statement: IF statement is true then execute one statement otherwise execute second statement.


IF (condition)
Code1 Execute;
Code2 Execute; 


IF..ELSEIF….Statement : If some condition is true then execute one statement else if some another statement then execute another statement. It is particularly an if else ladder.


Code1 Execute;
Code2 Execute; 


Switch Statement: To overcome the multiple If-Else statement problems we used switch statement. It is conditional statement are used to perform different action based on different conditions.

Working of Switch Statement: It takes one variable as input and checks it against all the different cases you set for the switch statements.


Switch (n)
            Case Lable1:
            Code to be executed when n=lable1;
            Case Lable2:
            Code to be executed when n=lable2;
            Case Lable3:
            Code to be executed when n=lable3;
            Condition fail;

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