Is Mass of the earth increases?

Mass of earth is increase continuously because of various reasons like.

Cosmic dust


Conversion of Energy to mass by living species But the meanwhile the mass decreases because of following reasons

Satellite and rocket launching.

Conversion of mass to energy by all living and non-living things.

Continuous radiation by earth internal heat.

The earth also produces its own radiation so mass may decrease there also.

Most of the heat produced by the Earth is radioactive, conversion of matter into energy. If the Earth wasn't a net loser of energy, it would overheat. The Earth converts matter to energy, uranium, etc; are not stable elements.

We are mostly using up our own earth’s resources so if to compare numbers -Astronauts have brought several hundred kg of moon rock to earth! And those thousands of Satellites orbiting earth and space sounds left on other planets or into open space I would tell that Earths mass have decreased!

Also human population and all other don't make earths mass bigger at all! Because we are part of it and our mass is equal to organic material we eat! Organics get their material from soul or form other organics so it’s all cycle! But yes meteorites might have given some mass as in dust!



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