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Environment is the biggest gift of God to humankind. It is the duty of every human being to protect the environment. We are lucky to be born as a human being on this earth. We have plenty of natural resources around us. The land, air, water and the climatic conditions are all important natural resources. Human being for their own benefit builds some environments and then it affects the environment a lot and pollution arises for which the human beings are responsible.

Types of pollution

Air pollution- Air is being polluted very much. In today's world radioactive, which occurs due to the storage of nuclear materials for longer period, disposal of nuclear waste and frequent accidents occur in nuclear plants lead to the air pollution. The other cause of air pollution for which, the environment is adversely affected is the emission of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which are used in sprays and refrigeration cause depletion in the ozone layer. The burning of fossil fuels, coal and the emission of smoke from the industries and the transport system cause the "greenhouse effects". 

industry smoke

Land pollution- The land is also much affected because of the use of pesticide and chemical fertilizers in large amount. The texture of the soil loses and the animal creature living on the land is affected very much. The health condition of human being is also affected because of consuming the high chemical fertilizer food. These are mostly practiced in the developed and developing countries.

Water pollution- The water is also being polluted in large number. The waste materials are thrown into the water by industries situated near the rivers and such it affects the marine life. That water is also used for drinking and as such, the health of human beings is also affected much. Human beings also throw waste material of the house into the water they are also responsible in polluting the water.

water pollution

Deforestation- Beside land, water, air pollution another serious problem is the deforestation, which affect the environment in serious way. The trees are being cut down in large amount and as such, there is increase of flood and soil erosion. The animal lives are affected. If deforestation continues then there, will hardly any animal creature be found on Earth?

How to protect the environment?


The entire world is adversely affected due to the environmental problems. The human beings mostly affect the environment. Human beings are responsible in polluting the environment. Therefore, it the duty of the human being to protect the environment.

Firstly, our world is much affected due to the "Global Warming, hazardous waste and air pollution". To avoid this problem the process of recycling should be practiced. To control the pollution the industry should control the energy consumption at minimum rate for production. This will help to reduce the greenhouse gas, which are harmful for the environment and for the health. Furthermore, the land that is filled with hazardous waste can be recycled and used for the cultivation purpose.

Secondly, due to the increase in the population the environment is also affected largely. Overpopulation is very harmful for the planet. The increase of population people start to harm the environment. More trees are cut down to construct buildings, roads, bridges, industry. The demand increases much for the houses. The government should impose a law in controlling the birth rate. Human being should also make a family planning.

Thirdly, the problem of environment is mostly found in the rich countries. The developing countries are much responsible in affecting the environment. There should be proper developmental strategies. The environmental degradation is going to affect every country, region and the areas.

Lastly, the urban area should be developed. The people living in urban area are poor. It is the duty of government to look after the needs of those people. Government should look after their proper living condition, health, water supply and about the hygiene. Many people every year died because of hunger, poverty, unhygienic and poor supply of water. They must be given proper facility after all they are also human being of this beautiful Earth.


Environment not only consists of the trees, plants, animal and the entire ecosystem but it is the system in which we live and upon which the whole world depends. It is the duty of every citizen to protect the environment from being polluted and save it for our future generation. The misuse of the environment can harm us a lot and we will find nothing left in our hand for our future generation. Overall, this has become a serious problem and this can only be solving by our collective endeavors. Therefore, the government and every citizen should look after these serious problems and save the earth and its creature. Come let us make our beautiful Earth a pollution free environment for us and for our future generation.

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