Summer is the first of the six Indian seasons. The months of Baishakh and Jaistha i.e. April to June comprise the summer season. In this season. the days are long and the nights are short. The morning of summer day is more or less tolerable. A cool wind blows at the time. Flowers bloom in the gardens. Birds chirp on the trees.

But as the sun rises higher the day becomes hotter and hotter and everybody feels very uncomfortable. In the some parts of India, this mid day heat becomes almost unbearable. In Rajasthan, Punjab and Utter Pradesh a very hot wind, known as "Loo" begins to blow and people have to keep indoors to protect themselves from this wind.

Sometimes schools have to sit in the morning and many schools also remain closed during this period. Cultivators find it very hard to plough their field. Cattle also cannot graze in the fields. There are trees and shady places in the villages where people may take shelter against heat. But in town the trees are few, the heat is felt more. Some rich people use electric fans to ward the heat off. But the poor people have to suffer from the full fury of the heat these days. Sometimes people even die of the sun strokes.

In the evening when the sun is down the heat becomes less. A gentle breeze blows at times and makes the atmosphere cool. Many people walk in the open air. At night also, the heat continues sometimes making it impossible to sleep.

In summer, it is very difficult to work on account of the heat. We become easily tired and want to take rest. India is a hot country. 21st June was the hottest day of the year. It was very close and stuffy. Everybody was wet with heat. Rich people took shelter under the fans. Their servants served them with cold drinks after every hour. The poor people took shelter under the shady tree. The sun was scorching. Hot wind blew from every quarter and sand storms blinded men and beasts. It was difficult to go out. All the schools of the city were closed. All work came to a stand still.

The leaves of the trees did not shake. The farmers left their ploughs and were resting under the shady trees. Birds with their mouths wide open were sitting on the branches of the trees. Dogs with their tongues taking out sot in the flowing drains to make themselves cool. Even the cattle could not breadth easily. Earth was burning like a hot furnace. The bazaars put on a dull appearance. Cases of heatstroke were reported. We drank water minute after minute.

A European, while making purchases at a shop, dropped down dead. Another officer working in an office fell down in the chair. The rickshaw puller also breathed their last due to sun stroke. This caused an alarm in the city. Working hours of the government offices were reduced. People prayed for the rain. At last their prayer was heard and at about 5 P.M. in the evening, a dust storm blew for an hour and a half. The whole city was covered in darkness. The storm was followed by a heavy shower of rain. A cool breeze sprang up. Everybody showed a sight of relief. The weather became very pleasant. I can never forget this hot day.

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