There are many animals which sleep all the day and works only during the nights. Here working in the sense means collecting food. In those nocturnal animals aye aye is the big one.

Aye Aye lives only in the forests of Madagascar island. Aye Aye eyes are like circles and always shining. The teeth of Aye Aye grows throught the life. They may grow upto 3 feet.

Due to its structure, people always threaten and kills while seeing it. In general all animals fear by seeing human beings. But Aye Aye not like this. It simply enters into villages. The people in the villages had a superstious belief that, when aye aye enters into their village, then one person may die. And if aye aye shows finger to any one, then he will die. Due to this belief they kills these animals. So due to this, Aye Aye populationis reducing.

Aye Aye uses some tree species for making food. They eat the mosquitoes inside the trees. But now the habitat is destroyed. For making money, these trees cut down for wood. This wood is used for construction of boats, houses and for many pursposes.

These animals constructs nests on trees and live in them. Each Aye aye may be around 2.5 kg in weight. They can travel upto 5km during nights. They can live upto 23 years. People in the Madagascar island call this aye aye as Hey Hey also. They cannot jump like monkeys. So for going into their nests, they crawl straight.

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