Mankind for his comfort and better living has become the cause for the disappearance o many unique birds and animals from the world. This article bring into notice of readers a list of such a class. It is true that we are the supreme power in this lovely earth but we misuses his powers.

We'll start with birds.

1) DODO-These were found in Mauritius islands. This bird can't fly. Their bad time started when portugese travellers landed in Mauritius. This bird is very friendly with man. But man used them for food and entertainment. By 1681 they were removed from this earth.

2) Pink Headed Duck-These ducks were found in Bihar and Bengal. By 1924 they disappeared.

3) Passenger Pigeon-These were found in North America. Again man used them for food. By 1914 they all were dead.

4) Himalayan Quail-These were found in western himalayan valleys. After 1870 nobody saw this birds.

5) Great Auk-These birds were found in northern hemisphere. They looks like penguins. They can swim also.Man used them for eggs and fleash. By 1844 they also removed from earth.

6) Elephant Bird-Their height is arround 10 feet and weight arround 500 Kgs. But their size did not helped them to save from the hands of man. By 18th century they were cleared from earth.

7) Moa - Its also a type of big bird These were found in Newzealand. Man killed them for meat. 19th century marked their end.

Did we left animals ? Not at all...just see

1) Quagga - This animal's half look like zebra and rest half like horse. These were found in africa. Man killed them for meat and leather. By 1870 they disappeared from earth.

2) Indian Chettah- In olden times emperors tamed them and used them for hunting. By 1948 this species died.

3) Tsmanian Tiger wolf- This animal's half looks like tiger and half like wolf. These were found in Tasmania. They were killed by man accusing they used to kill domestic animals.By 1930 they went to history.

Other animals in this group are Brown atlas bear (Africa), Steller's sea cow (Russia), Grey wolf(England), Cape Lion(south africa), Aurochs(Europe), Golden toad(Costarica).

At the helm of achievements we all forget about the value of these speechless species. For our selfish motive and entertainment we forget about their pain. Let all of us learn from our mistake and gave our hands to strengthen an eco-green environment packed with flora and fauna.

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