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Animals are our friends. We must not harm them. We must be very friendly with them. Animal abusers have no heart. Animal need proper care and love. It is not good to neglect these speechless animals. They are also the gift of God. Animals are killed every year. Animal killing should be stopped. We must not lock any animal in cage instead; we should let them free to roam about.

Steps taken to stop animal cruelty:

  1. Speak for Animals- Animals are helpless when they are abused. It is our duty to say something to those who try to harm the animals. If we find any animals are being abused in our localitry, we must stop those abuser and inform the authorities. We must lodge a complaint in the nearest police station or in animal control authorities. Animal harassment are illegal under Animal Welfare Act.
  2. Teach Children to Respect Animals- We must teach our children to take proper care of animals and show love towards them. The parents should arrange an assembly for their children where they can learn the importance of animal. Special awareness campaign should be organized in schools and in neighborhood. Children must be taught from an early age about the importance of animals otherwise this can lead to violence in future.
  3. Vote- It is the duty of the citizen to appoint for the special representative who can support animal protection legislation. And our vote can heelp to appoint such person..
  4. Say no to Puppy Mills- These mills sold puppies at high rate for the benefit of the company. Try to avoid buying puppies from such store or from the suppliers thats sell puppies. Instead, you may go for buying puppy mill pet, which can save the animals from being sold to others at high rate. Purchase the puppy from the breeders and try to buy from the adoption centre only.
  5. Volunteer or donate- Prevent animals by spending your few hours with the pets in adoption centre. In this way, one could be friendly with the animals and it will be easy to adopt animals. Try to donate in the animal right organization if you do not have enough time to spend time in volunteering.
  6. Stop Animal Killing- Lots of animal are killed without any reason. In fact, they are killed and taken into the laboratory for experiments. We must stop these killing for doing such experiments. Many animals are killed for the purpose of food. If we practice the habit of eating vegetarian food then we can stop killing animal for our purpose.
  7. Animals used for sport- There are many games, which are run by animals. For example, bull fighting, horse racing etc. Many animals die in this sport as such we are losing lots of animal by using them in such type of sports.

bull died



  • Whenever you find any animal being hurt, inform the local people or the animal care society.
  • Encourage people to raise their voice against animal cruelty and injustice done to the animals.
  • Try to join the organization of animal rights. Make sure that these organizations are not fake.
  • Try to build a proper and healthy environment for the animals in which they feel comfortable and safety.
  • If you find any injured animal, try to take them to the nearests veterinary hospitals or inform the local authorities.


  • Try to protect the animals that are being neglected by others. If possible then buy it from others this is not against the law.
  • Look after the safety of yourself before confronting about the treatment of their animals.
  • Start campaign of animal awareness. Put posters, make signs and raise funds.

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