Marriage is perhaps the most unique and presumably one of the most adventurous relationship between a man and a woman. It is a very unique bond between two similar or completely different individuals. It is bond of love, compassion, trust, dependence, and great deal of responsibility. I will be wrong if I will say a bond just between two individuals, but actually between two families. 

In a love marriage, both the people getting married are well-known about each other's likes and dislikes so sometimes it becomes a bit easier for them to adjust to their new lives. But in case of arranged marriages, two completely different people from different backgrounds come together and so does their families. So, in that case in the initial stages it becomes a bit challenging for both the partners and their families to adjust to this new relationship. For a new bride or a groom it is a bit challenging to accept all the changes that are coming in their new lives. So both of them require to have lot of patience and maturity to handle this new relationship.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Married people go through the trials and tribulations of marriage. They fight, they cry, and again they make up at the end of the day over dinner or over a movie. Such is the beauty of marriage. But often relationships face challenges and heartbreaks, which can often lead to divorces. This is especially very fatal for a family where there are kids. In such cases, it is always the children who get effected the most. They are sometimes so young that they are unable to cope with the crisis of a divorce and face a major setback in their lives. A happy married life is an emotional state. If we could just try a bit harder we can lead a healthy and peaceful married life. Here are some tips:

Respect your partner: Every person has his or her individual opinions and point of view. We need to respect that. We often thrust our own choices and ideas and expect our partner to accept them. How is that possible? Every relationship demands a certain amount of respect and support. Try to listen to your spouse and give proper attention and importance to whatever he or she is saying. 

Prioritize your partner: Make your partner feel important over others. Try not to miss anniversaries or important family get-together where your partner expects your presence.

Spend as much time as you can with your partner: Spend some alone-time together. Cook a meal together or watch the favorite TV series of your spouse. It generates love and bond in a relationship.

Help your partner in doing household chores: Prepare a wonderful meal for your partner or do the housecleaning once in a while. Sharing promotes love and affection.

Engage in healthy conversations: After getting back from work instead of watching the television spend time with your partner and talk over issues that need your attention. Listen to your partner and work out new ideas.

Do not dig out past experiences: In an argument between the two always avoid to bring out past incidents or conversations. This will only bring bitterness into the relationship. Try not to be hurtful and avoid personal comments.

Trust your partner: Trust is one of the most important ingredient in marriage. Even if you love your partner a lot, you need to trust him or her. If your partner is hiding some information or is hesitating to tell you something be patient. Instead, wait for a day or two and then ask your partner. Do not break marital secrets and confidences. It should be solely kept between the two.

Appreciate your partner: Acknowledge the little things that your partner does for you. Appreciate your partner and thank him or her. 

Express your love: Little gestures of love do matter in marriage. Saying the three little words....."I love you" really does the magic. Smile at your partner and appreciate him or her. Often if your partner is feeling low or sad due to a fight, a small gift can change the mood. You do not need to buy an expensive or extravagant gift for your partner but a small gift of love can really bring a smile into his or her face.

Do not lie to your partner: If you are feeling difficult to confide the truth to your partner wait for a while, but do not lie to your partner. Instead, find a suitable time and sit down and talk to your partner. If your partner is angry do not get agitated and start an argument. Give him or her some time. Do not break the trust by lying. 

Stop comparing your partner: Nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws. Instead of comparing your partner and bringing out the flaws appreciate his or her qualities.

Keep your marriage interesting: Life is busy nowadays and often couples get so occupied with their work, family, and other commitments that they fail to give time to their partners. In that case, couples should try to make their marriage interesting by going out, spending time together, doing some hobbies together, and so on.

Seek the help of marriage counselors: There are times when couples stop interacting with each other. They become so distant that they live a mechanical life. There are frequent fights between them or they just stop talking to each other and are no more are interested in each other's lives, but just go on with the monotony of their marriage. This is the time when the couples should really seek advice of a marriage counselor or this might take a serious turn in their lives or even might lead to a divorce.  

Marriage like every other relationship needs proper nurturing, care and support of each partner towards one another. A happy marriage is one where one partner can rely and express his or her feelings without any fear. Such comfort and trust should be there in a marriage. Marriage is a beautiful bond when two people come together and strengthens their relationship so that they can face any adversaries and challenges in life. It is a bond of friendship, love, and dependence.    

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  1. usha manohar

Communication is the key as always in any human relationship..

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