Marriage is a beautiful relation

In most cases, yes marriage is a lovely knot that ties you with your partner for whole of your life to enjoy, fight have differences and share your every secret with each other. However, there is much more than this in a marriage and that is not as pleasant. In case your relations go sour and you have to face separation that becomes painful, but that is life for you and you must face it bravely. It is hard to face it but not impossible, you can bring your life back to track with a retry although this is not that easy especially in case of a woman.

It makes you feel inferior

Marriage is a beautiful relation and when two strangers tie a knot they never think in terms of getting separated while they say “I do’ however things do not remain same for every one and some of them feel suffocated and bored or maybe cheated and part ways. That is a situation that could make one of the partners depressed, dejected and uninterested in life altogether. He or she may become a victim of inferiority complex to the point that some times they think in terms of suicide. They find that the society is not for them and remain inside the house or even skip going to their work.

There is always an option

Why don’t you think for another companion who may understand you better, maybe the one who left you in such a pitiful condition were not madeDSC00039 for you! As they say that marriages are made in heavens, yours case too was the same and your marriage was not to stay. You can always give it another try because there is some one waiting for you, maybe that was the reason you separated from your ex. If you feel the same then this is right time to find one Mr. Right for yourself. You have to face the society as you have to live here and it’s as much yours as any one’s else. Give it a try as soon as possible maybe the one you are looking for is also waiting for you eagerly.

In case - you are woman

A man probably gets a wife easily if he wishes to marry second time but this becomes a little hard for a woman especially if she is not working but the scenario is changing and changing fast. I agree that this is hard to get an unmarried boy for a separated woman as happens in case of men who find an unmarried girl comparatively easily but this is not an impossible task. The rules of the society are changing and boys too are willing to take initiative in such cases. Unmarried girl is not that big a deal for some of them if the girl is suitable otherwise.

Internet can help you in such cases

There are several sites catering especially for this cause and helping you to find a suitable match as per your choice. There are sites which are especially registering people with special requirements like you can try a site ‘’ oh, there exists tons of them just google them and the list will open for you. Register on these and check your mail, you shall find your mailbox filled with offers soon, most of these matrimonial sites are free for women. In case you are not Internet user you can engage the services of marriage bureaus available in every city.

Divorce and women

There is no doubt that the cases of divorce have increased rapidly and the speed of the same is picking up as the women have started to register their protest against bad behavior or atrocities because the women is not the same any more. Now the women are better equipped with education, better supported by their parents and financially independent. They are no more prepared to pull on the bad relations any more but try to escape from such situations before any thing goes seriously wrong. Education has turned the modern women strong and self-dependent. They are no more willing to stick to sour relations hence the increased rate of separations.  

There are many more reasons for divorce like one of the partners is not adjusting, egoist, selfish, incompetent, stated false about his income, difference in life style, jealous, extra marital relations and you name it but one thing is for sure that women are no more taking any of these lying down like they used to. They are taking the ultimate step timely and trying to restart their lives allover again. And why not, they have every right to do so.

Second marriage is the only option

DSC00050Marriage even if it’s second is mandatory for health social life and more so in case of a woman as a single woman that too a divorcee becomes an easy target of the Indian society that does not see the real reason behind her separation but accuse her for every thing, right or wrong. Therefore this is appropriate to marry again as soon as possible without considering age because you shall miss someone in your time of need. This is not easy to live alone and more so in later part of your age.

A happily married life 

As we know that a couple enjoys its life like heaven on earth if married happily and faces every problem with the help of each other. The life is the name of spending it with enjoyment, love, appetite, relish, interest, joy, excitement, zeal, gusto, keenness, zing,  delectation and zest for each other and when you are able to get all this with little bit of courage by going for a second marriage why miss it! Find some one and forget yourself that is what life is. It’s not to crawl but to run with all your might to reach to the mountain of joy. Remarriage can make all the difference to color your life once again, try it.

March ahead the life is waiting for you

Take the bitter memories of sour relations out of your mind as those do not matter any more and that would only make your life painful. You know the bad phases is part of life, it comes to every one’s life depending how one handles it. One should take changes in life naturally and easily because if that is what you have to face why face it the tough way. Grab the bull with the horn and come out a winner. You should accept what you cannot change. A person becomes alone after separation and society looks him down but you have to prove that you have the courage to old things your way.

I understand that the old memories of a broken marriage are not that easy to erase from your system especially if you are a woman but you have to do that. I also know that most carrier woman feel that they can spend a loner’s life without any problem but that is not as easy as you think. In fact it’s harder for a single woman in job to live respectfully if alone because she has to face wolves of the society; the society is full of them.


A separated woman should consider her future life seriously and give it another chance because life is too long to walk alone  A woman should sit with her parents, relatives and friends to think over this important matter to have a companion to make herself back on smooth track of a happy life. Be very careful while selecting a spouse because you do not have to take a decision in haste because this is your second marriage. There is another important factor that would help that if your partner is also a widower or divorcee never discus with him about your previous experiences, good or bad. Never repeat or share past experiences even if insisted but laugh them out. That will help you in a happy married life.   

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