Actual meaning of friendship. 

Friendship is nothing but interaction between two individuals familiar with each other. They share each topic related to his/her life without any hesitation. There is a common proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed". We say that we have many friends but real friend is that person who helps you anyhow and in any situation. The actual meaning of friendship can be properly understood through sociology, psychology and also through philosophy. We should help our friend without any fear of anyone and in any critical situation. Actually friendship became famous from the ancient time. Most of the philosophers co-relate friendship and love. There are several functions of friendship present in our society. But one thing is common a true friend treating his/her friend in the same way he/she treat himself/herself. A true friend always gives respect and maintain honesty with you. Even they leave their most lovable thing in the sake of his/her friendship. It doesn't matter how you make your friend the main concern point is that what kind of friend you make. In America after 1986 level of friendship goes down due to some unwanted reason. And they start making less friend in comparison to any other country. In other word you may say that emotional attachment to anyone is also known as friendship. It is common if you want faith from someone then you also have to be faithful. Many great writers want to convey that true friendship is an important part of our society.

For maintaining a true friendship you have to keep some values in mind like:- 

Value of love in friendship 

Most frequently we have said that "True friends remains for whole life". And from the day of friendship we tied bands that is also known as a friendship band on our friend's hand. In other words you may say that we show our love and affection towards our friend. As together we enjoy so many memorable moments. As we know that a true friend always there to help you like a mother. And in any case they help you when you need your friend. Our friend is like brother and sister to whom you share all your secrets and play with them. And at one moment they fight with you and at another moment forgive you and start enjoying together. It may be possible that fiends are not together at any point but their friendship is always lived together. It may be possible that you went to the new place but it doesn't mean you forget your old friends. AS we know that"old is gold". So we have to keep our old but true friends. Always tell the fact to your friend. Never try to hide anything from your true friend. If some friend tries to hide something then it is not a sign of good friendship. If any mistake is done by your friend's side then try to know why they do this. And try to teach a lesson. So in coming future they never commit such mistakes. These all are nothing but it is your's love  for your friend. You can share your breakfast, lunch and any tension or any happy moment with your friend. True friends are those who eat together, cry together and enjoy the moments together whether it is good or bad. If you love to your friend then you never feel any doubt while helping them when they need. The importance of love in your friendship is more important because it forces you to think about your friend health and welfare. And in returning they never asked any help from our side. If they say that he helps you at the time of trouble and you also help me in my trouble then he is not your real friend. 

The value of maintaining a true friendship with your friend. 

In this world no one can live without friends. Everyone wants friends that live for a longer duration of time with you and die with you. Some of them are lucky enough to maintain their true friendship till last. But what about those people who fails in maintaining their relationship with their friends. There are several reasons by which people fail in maintaining their true friendship. 

1. If they live far away from each other then they involve themselves with other friends and start forgetting their old friend. In the starting they try to communicate with their friends but as the time passes all are involved in their own life. Only a few of them are able to maintain their old friendship. 

2. The second and the important reason for forgetting our old friend because now they get new friends. When we are in childhood our mind is not getting mature but when we grow and became mature we take interest in any other activities. It is possible that when you are a small boy both you and your friend have the same interest in for any work but as you grow your area of interest may differ. And from that point you start losing your best friend. The sweet memories of childhood always remain in your heart and for that reason you never forget your real friend completely but those memories are insufficient to hold such relation. The best time for making best friend when you are in your school days. If you want to make true friends in colleges then you might not get success in doing so.

One of the main question arises that how we continue our true friendship without any obstacle?  

After completing our study we have to move on. May be you and your friend goes in different field. This is also an important requirement for the survival in this cruel world. We have to search jobs, then we have to look our family and several other responsibilities. Between all these activities how we keep our friendship alive. It's really a tough job to maintain a friendship in such a condition but this is not totally impossible. First of all you have to see who is your best friend and how many of your's friend remembers you. Because we all know that friendship is the most precious gift of GOD to all human beings. For maintaining a friendship you have to pay some of your attention towards your friend. I am not talking to pay all the attention. You can make contact with your friend. As we know today the world is full of technology like mobile phones through which you can talk to anyone from any place around the world. The most important is the internet, with the help of this internet you can do e-mail or do live chat with your friend by sitting from your own home. These few small things help you and your friend to be in relationship in term of friendship. AS we know God help those who help himself. If you are  trying to make any contact with your friend  then  your friendship show some positive sign and it will remain alive. 


As all know that friendship is the most precious thing in this world and no one can steal it nor share it. The only  thing that you can do you can enjoy your happy moments with your friend and make your friendship stronger and healthier. TO maintain a healthy friendship both of you have to be conscious because good things in life have never come again and again. 

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