People are social animals. They always like to make friendship with others. Keeping friendship is always good. We may have male as well as female friends.  But do not allow the friendship to go beyond the limit especially when you make friendship with opposite genders. Married couples should be more vigilant regarding this matter. 

Mobile phone is one of the best tools to maintain friendship. Conversation through mobile phone is always good. However, do not misuse this opportunity. The over and unnecessary conversation with your friends through mobile phone sometimes take away the peace and beauty of your family. If we have mobile phone, we are getting messages and phone calls from our friends, relatives, public groups and sometimes from unknown people. Attend important phone calls and give reply to the important messages and forget about unwanted messages and phone calls. 

If couples would like to maintain healthy relationship and peaceful life within the family, you must follow the suggestions given below.

1. You always get opportunity to meet with so many attractive personalities in your life. You also would like to make friendship with some of the people those who come in your way. If you get their mobile number, you may have the tendency to contact with them through the phone. Remember that once you start a friendship with opposite gender, you cannot stop it soon. Therefore, the best policy is to avoid such circumstances when it comes in your way. 

2. There is nothing wrong when you attend a phone call of your friend in front of your family members. Never try to hide the phone calls of your friends from your spouse, children and other family members. Your life partner should know who all your friends are. Do not try to go out of the home to attend the phone calls of your friends. It may arise doubt in your spouse. Whenever you try to delete the messages and call registrations of your friends from your mobile phone, remember that you are taking away the peace not only from you but from the entire family.

3. You can introduce your friends to your life partner and can give him/her the opportunity to talk with your friends. This is one of the best ways to avoid doubt and maintain peace among couples. 

4. You are in digital era and so it is waste to spend your time for deleting call registrations. There are number of ways to find out your deleted phone call registrations. Your phone calls and messages are recorded in different places without any change. 

5. Before making friendship, try to understand the real character of that person. Whenever you talk with some people through the phone, you may feel that they are very understanding, lovable and attractive in character-wise.  Sometimes your judgment may be wrong. Some people are always trying to cheat others. 

6. Whenever you try to hide your friendship with your life partner, it is a warning for you that you are going to fall in a dangerous zone. 

7. You should be conscious about your talks and messages whenever you call and send messages to others through your mobile. You should ask yourself whether these phone calls and messages would help you and your family to grow positively.  Again, ask yourself how it will affect the growth of the person to whom you called and sent the messages. 

8. Make it a habit to switch off your mobile every day for a long time. You should be the controller of your mobile. Do not permit your mobile phone to create disturbance in your life.

9. When you call or send messages to a person by thinking that nobody is going to get know this secret, remember that you are cheating yours and all your family members. You cannot stay in peace.

10. Everybody likes to get love and recognition from others. Through mobile relationships, you can achieve these two things so easily. However, this wrong relationship will create guilty and mental disturbances within you.

Use your mobile phone carefully and avoid all unnecessary relationship. Give prime importance to your family and live for them. Never give chance to other people to enter in this sacred place and create disturbance. You should control yourself to lead a peaceful family life.

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