Why people need family

Everyone knows that human being is a kind of animal and it is very difficult for a single human being to live alone in their whole life. He always wants that someone is present to help you in need and also motivate you to achieve success in your life. Everyone needs someone so that they can express their feelings whether that feeling is related to any happy moment or sad moment. In short he always finds someone on which they trust blindly. The people whom you trust they always ready making your best moment memorable. This type of person may be your parent, children and maybe your brother and sister. In total these are your family.  

What is a family

The actual concept of the family comes into an existence from the ancient times. When human being lives together to protect themselves from animals and other evils. As the passage of time they start sharing their responsibilities and in that process they come closer to each other. As a result of which the feeling of caring and love is automatically generated in their heart. And this form a platform on which a family can exist. After this the concept of marriage comes into our society. Now people are ready to take responsibilities of their family. After marriage they have to share responsibilities of two families along with their children. And in this way it forms a complete family. Previously all the relatives and their family members lived together like a joint family. Now a day you hardly find any joint family. Because now there is a concept of the nuclear family which means that no one live together like a joint family. Want to spend all their life without any interference. Now you understand that family is a place where two people of opposite sex decide to live together and this can be done only through marriage. You can also say that family is branch of society. Different countries have different definitions of family and society. As we know that for maintaining a good relationship we needs a support from both sides. That's why family and society have equal importance.  

There are several principles of family according to society. For maintaining the dignity of  the society, the family has to follow some rules. These rules are very important for the smooth working of society. Actually these rules form the basis of their social responsibility.

  1. Give birth to new one. 
  2. You have to develop your children in term of physically, mentally and socially.
  3. Every parent (Father & mother) has to understand their duty. 
  4. You have to support your family member in any how. 
  5. You have to fulfill the sexual requirement of your partner. 
  6. provide home to your family members. 
  7. You have to spend a share of earning on your children as well as your partner.  

Previously these rules are very important in family and society but as the time passes these rules and regulations also change according to time. And you have to follow these rules because you have no any other option. Todays rules and regulation are made according to human being. Can anyone give the actual definition of family? In one word, Family is the very sensitive term and you can do anything for your family. Everyone has their own view and way to describe a family. The people who lived in joint relationship contain a different kind of  feeling about family whereas nuclear family has some other thought about family. Especially the people who want to live in nuclear family they only think about their parents, children and about their siblings. Whereas the people of joint family people think about his whole family members as well as relatives. 

Necessity of family 

1. Everyone wants a tension free life. 

Every one wants a fearless life. And for this you want someone who always be there for you. It is very important for safety and security of life. For everyone the safest place is his home where family members are available to solve any kind of problem. It doesn't matter whether you live in joint family or in a nuclear family. If you are in trouble then your family must assist you. The number of family members doesn't provide any obstacle in doing so. Whether the matter is anything first duty of your family is to protect you then your elders show you the right path. If your family supports you then you can do any work. Even you climb on Mount Everest. But if your family is not behind you then at that time a simple trouble  may scare you. They provide you security in any case but they also try to teach you moral values which is necessary in life. 

2. Support mentally to your family members. 

There are several kinds of needs in the whole life of a human being. You have to support your family member not only physically but also mentally. Whether the need is of any type but their fulfillment is necessary. Now you think what are those needs If someone is doing good work and you are not appreciating him than his ability of doing work might be reduced. It's your family who provides you everything like physical support, mental support or any other kind of help. He always encourages you to achieve success in your life without any  mean. It teaches you like a teacher and in need he also scolds you. But all the things done for your benefits only.  

3. Several other reason affect human life. 

As all of us know we are social animals and we need some partner to spend our whole life. You can spend some of your time as single but for whole life you want someone, who understand you and your feeling. It's the family who is responsible for our laughing, crying and everything we do in our life. A simple family teaches us the way to live happily. They think about us from their heart and fulfill our demand at any cost. This thing can only be done by your family. And in return they never want anything from your side. Suppose your friend  helps you when you are in need. But in returning they want that you also help him in need. But family only knows one thing that is to help you at no cost. Even you are not caring about your family but this doesn't mean family stops thinking about you. They always think about you and for your bright future. 


By this article we come to know that a family is the most important part of our life. Our family is related to our society and have to follow certain rules. Never forget that how you are successful in your life is only because of your family member. Always feel so proud of you that you are a part of that family. 

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