Actually father and daughter have a wonderful affection between them. Most of the people say that daughter will be close to father and son will be close to mother. Why daughter and father will have such a strong affection and relationship. Compare to mothers, fathers never shout or become anger on girls and he will be just calm or girl may be affectionate towards her father as he fulfills all her desires and make her happy. The reason may be anything but the fact is, mothers are affectionate to son and fathers are affectionate to daughter. 

Listen carefully

You may prepare the coffee and made your father have it. Then suddenly your father may start giving lecture on savings, jobs, etc. It is very difficult and bore to listen to the good things said by the parents. Though he bores you but listen to him as if he is specially telling you. He never talks about unnecessary things with you. He always wants you to know about the future. His lectures will help you to go on with your life with freedom. So whenever you spend time with your father, listen carefully each and everything he say.

Spend time

Try to spend time with your father. Then you will learn many new things. Therefore, you can know your father greatness. When you spend more time with then only you can know few secrets which are hidden. Try to out for having coffee or ice cream with him and spend time. Make it a habit of going out with your father once in a week. Like this spend time with your father and strengthen father and daughter relation.  

Go to shopping

This will be bit strange. Because there will be a lot of difference between their individual taste. You cannot purchase few things in the presence of him. Then also, if you welcome him for shopping with you, he will feel you are giving a lot of priority to him and he will feel happy. 

Personal trip

Father should not talk with his children as if he is talking to the girl. Girls always expect priority. Actually girls talk much. They expect lenience. So fathers should help her in getting ready and purchasing things according to the trend. Then she will feel that her father is great. 

Father should be a good friend of his daughter. Then daughter will get some freedom to share her problems and happiness. Father should not be much strict with his daughter as she may get frighten with him to share any problem. Both father and daughter should understand each other. Then only their relation will be strong. 

When your father has become bit old, then take a lot of care of him. Always listen to him. Try to give him a good surprise party on his birthday. So that he will feel happier and he thinks that his daughter loves him a lot and gives him much value and respect. 

Father should share his thoughts with his daughter. Never treat your daughter as younger to you. Don’t ever think that she does not know anything as the present generation children are very clever and they can understand anything. If daughter is in problems with her mother, then father should play the mediator role as male can solve the problem between 2 female. 

Father should trust his daughter. Because when daughter has become the teen age girl then father show over protection to her. Due to this, distances get create between father and daughter. He should realize that the grownup daughter is not still a baby and she knows everything. He should inspire her to learn things from her mistakes. 

Therefore, I feel every father and daughter will follow these tips and have a wonderful and relation.

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