You’re a good worker

So, you consider yourself a good worker and you discharge your duties with your best abilities but it has been noticed that most of the workers are not fully aware how they behave in their workplaces. Ask an otherwise good worker a simple question- do you understand how you behave in your workplace? The chances are you would get a confused look. Most of us do not know the difference in between a good worker and a good worker with decent habits. 

The fact, that some of your bad habits can turn you into an undesired one despite your very good track record as a worker. If you stay on top of the favorite of the management, it’s time you look at your behavior within the office premises. And you are not the only one who will find there is so much to improve as far behavior part is concerned but there are at least 40-50% people in every establishment which need to improve their behavior. 

The habits which make a difference

There is no doubt whatsoever that bosses and human resources managers prefer to work with people with good capabilities of handling their responsibilities but despite all their abilities a small thing like untidy desk can put him in the category of ‘undesirables’. Such workers are considered as people who prefer to go according to their convenience and not going according to set rules of the company or not working ethically. 

Have you ever looked at your desk with the eye of a manager and if you find your papers are kept properly, your intercom is having stains, and your computer’s keyboard is filled with dust maybe you have clarification for all these or held the office boys responsible for these but this is you who suffer for all such mismanaged things, your career as well as health is stake for all these carelessness behavior. A pack of anti bacterial wipes at your desk can keep half your problems away. I don’t think we need an office boy to do such small things for us even if our company employs such helpers.  

Most offices and workplaces provide a dining space for their employees but some of the workers prefer to eat at their desk itself. That is one habit that disturbs the entire work environment as the smell coming out of that lunchbox not liked by all or the work atmosphere might take a back seat during the entire duration of the lunch program within the working area. The worst that can happen to people who do not mind eating at their desk, they might even go the list of ‘undesired’ and lose the chance of a promotion.  

People who eat at their desk show off that they do it for the love of their work as they did not have time to go to lunchroom but they did no justice with either their lunch or the official work but only made the place untidy. One could have finished his lunch in the dining area peacefully and came back to his desk more concentrated and ready to finish his task. Whatever the reason at work table lunch idea but that is neither healthy nor decent and should be avoided at any cost.

One of the worst habits found in some workers is gossiping about anything or everything which has no concern with most of the workers of a particular workplace but that is one of the favorite pastime of such people. However, most private sector people stay away such habits barring of course one or two but it’s better to stay away from such groups as it solves no purpose whatsoever but brings you in bad books of the bosses. It would be appropriate to mention here that habit of gossiping not only affects your productivity but becomes the cause of mental problems including loss of sleep and forgetfulness.  There is no harm in sharing some personal topics but it’s better to keep them to yourself in place of spreading them to others whoever you meet. The best way to maintain the decorum is that one should keep his office related talks within his office and out of the office discussions out of the office. Discussing about what you did with your coworkers on the beach last weekend has no business in your office time.

Are you fit and healthy?

This might sound strange and out of the context but you cannot remove it from the topic without giving it a serious thought. It is a practice in many companies that people not fully fit especially suffering from obesity are considered unfit for the job or put in the category of ‘disabled’ although the rule is not applicable in Indian companies as yet but who knows! The way the foreign companies are spreading in India the health will be as important as ones skills since a person with certain limitations with his health issues is considered lesser productive. 

This would be interesting to note at this point that most Indian corporate are providing space, membership for exercise, gyms, yoga etc and spreading health awareness programs regularly. I personally feel spending few minutes for burning extra calories are as good as a healthy lunch. I love to see people going to washroom and using their toothbrush and then going to walking areas alone or in a group and having a brisk walk even for few minutes. Don’t you think this habit can help you keep fit rather than staying put on your dining table and drinking cold drinks in the few minutes before leaving back for your work desk? I would prefer a brisk walk, a couple of sips of fresh water and then back to my work with fresh mind and mouth.

Are you sick or pretending to be sick?

Beware, you are at the risk of losing your job since falling sick occasionally or taking leave in the name of being sick is one of the worst habits for a good worker that can spoil his career. We Indians have enough number of holidays but as the facts show we love holidays which is one of the reasons of our backwardness. We do not mind taking a leave at the drop of a hat whatever the reason. You will be surprised to note that more than 30% people in our country apply for leaves without any reasonable cause and almost 5% people fall sick at any given point of time the entire year round. This is such a vast number of absent people which puts extra burden on coworkers and the entire working environment suffers.

Most senior managers know the reality of such people and they keep a close watch on such people. Managers always know how to tackle such people and it really makes a big difference at the promotion time. The persons who work with cheerful attitude and give their best are the ultimate choice of management for promotions even if they are not as good or perfect as some of the ‘sick’ people are. Therefore it’s advisable to avoid falls sick leaves if you have to reach to next higher grade.

Are you one of them?

Some people have a strange habit of talking too loudly that I understand most bosses or human resource managers like the least. Office is not your personal area (even not everyone like you talk loudly in your home though) where others too try to concentrate on their work. One must understand your loud mouthing can disturb others and they immediately put you in their black book. Mind you, your colleagues only keep you in their black book but if your boss is around he keeps you in a different black book, the list of ‘undesirable’ people which ultimate may cost you your job or at least the next promotion, so don’t make speaking at top of your voice your habit. 

The worst a worker can do is teasing his women coworkers or spreading rumors about them. I would suggest even if you are sure about your opinion regarding your coworkers never share them but keep them to yourself as that will give you nothing but take everything which you have achieved so far. Such people even talk senselessly even during important meetings. While some people talk too much some others do not take any interests in what is going on but as the saying goes “Uper wala sab dekh raha hai”, (the persons responsible for supervision are watching everything).    


Most of us will agree that laughing or talking loudly, making bad comments on coworkers, eating at undesirable places, taking leaves for no reasons, not giving you 100% and not upgrading your skills will not help your cause so it’s better to behave properly to achieve your targets ahead of others who do not know the tricks of the trade. Your entire working life is a period of experiments, try as many experiments as you can but keep in mind that you have a list of experiments which have proved successful in the past and you also have a list which has proved futile. The choice is yours what you chose to experiment with!  

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