Money and Success Connection 

When you listen to someone asking a simple question that why everyone wants to be a successful person in his desired field how do you feel? I am sure you will give him a look with more questions in your mind but with a simple answer, “A successful parson stands out of the crowd. He looks satisfied and respected by everyone.  And everyone wants to follow him”.

However being successful is not the same for everyone but the value of success depends entirely on your own. All successful people have their own standards and go by them. What I could find high success rate could only be a meager that is lacking in quantity or quality for you. If you permit me to use my own words for what Hitler thought regarding success, success is the ultimate in deciding ‘Good from Bad’.

I must accept that this is not the right term to ascertain good from bad or vice versa but in my views a person in this age lacking in richness or strength does not qualify to come in the category of successful people.  Every person has a particular quality in his personality that makes him successful and reason of attraction for others.

Let’s accept it that a person is not born with success but it depends entirely on his personal beliefs, his mindset, how he looks at the life, how he treats others. One has to earn it rather than success coming to him without putting any efforts for it. 

One has to put lots of efforts to reach to top of his desired goals and the ones who start everything seeing that others have achieved but give up midway have no chance reaching anywhere. Then there is another misunderstanding that needs to be cleared at this point. Money has nothing to do with success as thousands of rich people are not successful but millions of successful people have no money.  

Here is a simple example of practical professional-

Act as per needs of the situation

Do we really know how to act according to circumstances or we act same everywhere without knowing the situation or ground realities of a particular place where we work. The ones those adapt the realities have far greater chances for achieving success compared to the more talented ones in some cases.

Here is an example of a great and popular motivational speaker in corporate world. He undoubted had earned name and fame as a motivational speaker at seminars and official events around the world. He wanted to spread his thoughts among the common people of the country so he seriously planned first such seminar in a village for a week long session and invited every villager.

He spoke in front of a small gathering everyday for six days regularly. The seventh and final day was colder than six previous days due to rain so the speaker thought the chances of visitors coming to attend his lecture were remote and he did not make any arrangements for the invitees. However, one of his regular visitors, a farmer from the nearby area turned up at fixed time.

The motivational speaker was surprised to see him and told him that considering the wet weather conditions and cold he was not expecting anyone so he did not make any arrangements and suggested that they could skip the class as making all the arrangements for one person was not worthwhile. But the farmer politely told him, ‘I am an ordinary person sir. I go to feed bird everyday without counting them. For me, it makes no difference if there is 1 bird or 100’.

The speaker felt ashamed and made all the arrangements as he usually did every day. He cleaned and set all the tables, switched every light on and started the lesson. At the end of the class he thanked the farmer and asked if everything was fine. The farmer said in a very cool manner, ‘sir, I’m a simple person with simple knowledge. I feed 100 birds if I see 100 and feed 1 if I see 1 but never give all my food to that only bird.

Our great motivator now knew the fact of life and how the things worked in real life. In fact, it’s not limited to our duties but we should do things according to current situation.      

Money Increases Your Bargaining Power 

I have full trust in ‘Horatio Alger myth’ formula and from "rags to riches" type success stories because all that is absolutely possible. I am directly responsible for marketing of my company and also sharing my past experience. I am always telling young professionals all about ethics of the profession and motivating for better results.

I was asked to attend a meeting last Saturday held at residence of our director (marketing). I remember our director telling to the senior managers responsible for marketing and sales to increase the output of the company. I liked the way he kept his emphasis on motivating senior marketing managers and promising incentives indirectly to them rather than giving routine instructions and warnings.

I have always believed that the easiest way to achieve our targets is by increasing our own output. Rests of the things come on their own. The output of a person increases as soon as he asks a simple question from himself ‘how to increase my output?’ And trust me if you assure them by providing other incentives it works faster and I agree many people have improved their performance by this process.

I have always felt it was possible improving young professionals working in various departments giving them a small dose of motivational lectures. Incidentally, I am working as a motivational lecturer in the same company where I used to work as marketing manager. I find best motivational examples during all our motivational sessions giving them different examples.  

And I have read this quote but I don’t exactly remember where but I entirely agree with the person that said, maybe money can't buy everything, but it improves your bargaining position. May be he did not use the same words because I am not writing this by reading his quote but I can only say he was right, money certainly improves your bargaining power. My director certainly knows his job. 

And having said so much about love for money I would like to say this to conclude, I have read this somewhere,

“Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go- Mother Teresa.

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