The word Adventure, when it strikes our mind brings in the image of snow, rocks, mountain etc. adventure sports are the sports are the sports which resist us from doing them and when we take part in them we tend to do them again and again. They are rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, Para-sailing, mountaineering etc. Though we know that they are dangerous but still we tend to take part in them. Adventure, it is said, is for the one who is courageous, hardworking, comparatives etc. But no one is born with all such qualities; all above mentioned qualities are the few which build one’s character. One’s character may be good or bad but that doesn’t mean those who have good character can enjoy the fun of adventure sports because they may be helping but are not courageous. And one with bad character may be courageous but not helping. It needs both helping and courageous to have the fun of adventure. When we talk about character, we generally mean good character. While doing adventurous activities, let it be anything but they all need common thingsi.e. Spirit of team work, courage, determination etc. these all can be developed early in adventure sports. Suppose one is very fearful of water and when he does river crossing or rafting for the first time, he is full of fear but when he does it again and again his fear withers away. Let us take another case, we have discrimination among ourselves on different bases of skin, race, sex etc so, we don’t help others when they are in need but when we are in need other people also don’t help us. Then we realize our mistake that if we have helped them then they would have helped us also. From then onward we start helping each other without any wise. This is just one thing and there are several other things which we develop through adventure sports which prove that” adventure sports help in character building.” Though there are many sports through which we can develop our character but adventure sports are the best to develop a good character because we know in this sports only God is the referee will impartially blow the whistle and there we fall.

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