Choosing a golf ball is important. Selection of golf ball should not be on the discount available for various products. But selection should be based on the test of products of various brands and selecting the right one that fits your demands. Remember that golf balls vary in their distance trajectory, spin, budget and also the feel produced by it.

Number of manufacturers came into existence in the near future. Initially there were brands called precept. The demand for golf products are increasing day by day and more and more manufacturers came into existence. But now the leading manufacturers are Srixon, Ben Hogan Golf, Dunlop Sports, and Nike Golf etc

Srixon is one of the important rand producing golf and tennis balls. It’s owned by SRI sports limited. Srixon is well known for its production for golf balls. This company is the largest for holding patents for golf balls worldwide. Besides golf balls they produce wide range of golf products.

Variety is the key factor which keeps srixon ahead of the crowd. Their products vary from distance balls for novices and performance balls for professionals. Now srixon is the 4th largest producers of golf accessories.

Srixon balls are produced of membrane like thin urethane elastic cover. It surrounds the Srixon core gradient which acts as protective layer and energizing element. This provides a high spin capability and leading spin velocity. This shows high stability for head and cross winds and combines high trajectory features.

The peculiarities of srixon golf balls are its swing speed and high performance. Let us see some of the models of srixon golf balls

  1. Srixon Trispeed-This ball provides the user with high speed control with wide range of speed. This ball is soft and feels beter.
  2. Srixon soft feel- this ball will be useful for players with low swing speed. This ball can provide high flights and can cover large distances. It can be used with irons and drivers. Its durability is also high. A swing of 88-92 mph is achievable. This model also comes with ladies model too.
  3. Srixon Z-Star-this ball provides multi use with low compression and soft feel. It has high performance and can cover large flight distances. This ball can provide a little spin over the drives. But for green it plays better.
  4. Srixon AD333- For longer distance coverage this ball can be used. It has low compression and this helps to cover maximum distance. It can be used for golf players between 80-90 miles per head speed. It can provide a swing speed of 80MPH.

Srixon’s specialty is within the innovations that they are trying to bring upon their products. Its price is a little bit high. But when compared with the quality it can offer with the existing products in the market, price is not crucial. The feel you get from Srixon products is great than any other product. Srixon products collections vary on their performance and core characteristics. Srixon is regarded as the most playable high performance ball invented yet now.


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