On December 2, 2010 was FIFA boss Sepp Blatter announced that the World Cup in 2022 by Arab emirate of Qatar (also called 'Qatar' called) to be organized. This relatively unknown state by businessmen and residents known as "the best kept secret of the Middle East" mentioned.

Location and landscape

Qatar is in the Middle East to the Persian Gulf and adjacent to neighboring Saudi Arabia. Qatar is officially a state and is a peninsula, an area which borders a small portion of land and making it just is not an island. The peninsula is relatively flat and consists largely of sand, the country is characterized by barren desert plains. In Qatar, then there really a desert climate, it is often very hot and humid, and wildlife are hard to find. The highest point in Qatar is a hill 103 meters high and is located in the west of the state. Qatar is approximately 11,000 m2, covering about one quarter of the Netherlands.

History and religion

Archaeological excavations show that in the sixth century BC, Qatar has been inhabited by Bedouins Yahoo. In the first centuries AD, Christianity was the largest religion in Qatar. So even took a bishop from Qatar participated in the First Council of Nicaea. In the centuries after the 7th century AD Islam was emerging, and Qatar is now a truly Islamic country. There are a number in 2010 (Anglican) churches. In the 16th century by Portugal Qatar nations but in the following centuries by Turkey. Since 1971 Qatar independent.

The best kept secret

Among businessmen (and immigrants) Qatar is known for many years as a state where the "good place" is. Qatar is known as a rich country because of resources like oil and natural gas. Qatar has its own airline "Qatar Airways". Tourists visiting Qatar are often not much beyond the capital of the state "Doha". There are good hotels and also find many activities organized. Especially in the hotels by tourists can eat and drink well. Popular are the so-called 'brunch buffets on Friday mornings in the large hotels. Nor should the people of Qatar do not drink alcohol because of their religion. Qatar is also what makes it attractive for tourists and businessmen, the population is very hospitable. The population consists largely of immigrants over the years have gone to live in Qatar.

Nature and sights

As mentioned earlier, Qatar a very "dry" and flat state where almost no wildlife to be found. Birds are the main animals and camels in Qatar, with camel races are regularly held shows and falcons are kept. Beautiful areas in Qatar are the beaches with sand dunes. All the towns with their historical sights worth visiting. Umm Salal his place in the historical remains from the nineteenth century to view and even more impressive burial mounds from the third century BC. North of the capital Doha ancient ruins of an old fort to see. Moreover, in the beautiful state-wide, [Btraditionele houses [/ B] to find and mosques. The traditional, distinctive buildings are sometimes in marked contrast to the many concrete, modern buildings in the towns and the capital ones.

World Cup 2022

Ronald de Boer, pleaded for the World Championships in Qatar in 2022 to take place. On 2 December, FIFA boss Sepp Blatter announced that the 2022 World Cup will be organized by Qatar. Head of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani welcomes the decision of the FIFA. Critics claim that the World Cup in 2022 only to be organized by Qatar because of the wealth of Qatar. Football Experts are worrying about the way the football will be played. In a country which is known to be warm and dry, it will be almost impossible to 'real grass' to play. Experts are afraid that the games will be played on artificial turf. In addition, they think 'colder' football nations will have difficulty to adjust to the hot climate in Qatar. Yet Qatar has been a state where a lot of sport is done. Football plays an important role in sport in Qatar, and there are plenty of tennis and squash courts. The largest football stadium in the capital of Qatar is Doha and accommodate over 45,000 visitors. Qatar has its own football club, FC Qatar.

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