The golfing great Tiger Woods is in the new once again. And this time it is not for any win in a tournament which has been a passion for him for years. He is in the new for all the wrong reasons. His personal life has come under a cloud over his alleged extramarital affairs with some women. And his life is on the rocks! The world of sports has been rocked by scandals of too many kinds. No sooner had the one involving the tennis star Andre Aggasi died down than this one has come up. If you remember the spin wizard Shane Warne too was involved in a similar scandal involving his affairs with women other than his wife and he had a torrid time .Apart from that, he was found guilty of drug abuse too for which he had to pay a heavy price of losing his place in the Aussie cricket time. The world of press is having a rollicking time! The picture of a grim-faced Woods with the news of his sins and transgressions is splashed across the front page of all the newspapers. In fact, the magazine which has revealed this scandal is offering fabulous money to his victims to come forward with their stories.


Pressed against hard evidences Tiger Woods has admitted to philandering charges owning up his immoral relationship with more than one woman. This ranged from a bar waitress to a marketing manager for years together thus committing an act of infidelity to his wife who he married way back in 2004 with great fanfare. His team of lawyers, friends and counsellors are going through with a harrowing exercise at damage control and trying hard to find an acceptable package for his furious wife.


According to the package he would be paying $5 million immediately and another $55 million in instalments over a period of time to his wife just to make her agree to stay with him for two years in the interest of their children. This is the story of our golfing god with a pair of clay feet!!



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