No Negativity- No Problems

Do you think if no problems left in this world than this world will be a better place to live in? There are many of us who feel so but imagine the world where no one having any complaints against anyone then no one will have any problems, or do you think without a night after a sunny day will make the world better! Or imagine the world where no one has anything to complain about we all will feel happier!

So, just what is the big issue behind all the problems? I had a discussion to this effect with a friend of mine, in the beginning he listened to me seriously but after a while he broke into a hearty laughter. He said he can’t imagine the day without night or no problems in life which only encourage us to face the world more courageously. 

Sometimes we think so negatively that we forget all about probabilities but if learn to think positively the chances of better possibilities will increase instantly. If only we learn how to utilize our time and not wasting it for blaming others or finding faults in others or concentrating on better future plans then there will be an answer to all the unsolved problems immediately.

Let’s accept it, there is a solution behind every problem but if we look at the negative side of the story only then the chances of solution look bleak but when we know the importance of positivity we can solve all the problems with depending on others. There are very few chances we can reach to our goals if we limit our activities to criticizing, blaming and accusing others for all our failures.  

We all believe that someone’s failure can lead others to path of success but that doesn’t mean we should use him as stepping stone but we should learn the lessons from his failures by learning from his mistakes and avoid repeating them. It is entirely our choice that how we take the advantage of the chances coming our way.

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I should act according to time

I was reaching nowhere even though I had not changed my strategy or method of doing things but my success rate was going down constantly. I was bit confused when I had faced this situation for the first time after I had taken over as the project leader. In fact we had accomplished many similar projects successfully without any problems. I was unable to understand the reason of decreasing achievement targets despite working with same team and same efforts.

One day, during my visit to local book shop I chanced upon a book, I have forgotten the name now, but I picked it from the rack and went through few pages and what impressed me most was a phrase ‘things change the way you look at them’. That simply meant that we should change our mindset and look at things in a positive way. We should never hesitate changing ourselves according to demands of the situation else the situation will be similar to swimming against the tide.  

I recently saw a book, ‘How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things as They Are’ By Dr. by Elizabeth Thornton it said the same but in a little different manner. She said, we should always be prepared thinking differently in different situations. If we keep doing things in a same manner we get used to them and we never fail doing or completing the job in routine manner. But… and then arises a big question at that point- what went wrong?

There is nothing unusual, you find nothing wrong with your way of working unless you suffer failures but as the things begin to change we feel confused and start doubting about our own abilities. That’s the exact point which asks for a change in our strategies or way of working and those who adapt to such changes come back to success. We must understand that changes are part of life and changing according to demand of situation make us successful. 

Try something new in your routine life

Don’t we all feel dull, tedious and repetitious or something lacking in variety and interest of our life at sometime or the other?  Isn’t it the same routine job, the same people, the same discussions and same people? I feel it too boring especially on certain places when I see people repeating the same or ranting about the same what they were doing yesterday.

Then what should we do for getting something new in our routine life or would it be worth or the same time pass kind of change which will again become dull after a few days. These are some common questions we all face but never try to do something which will keep us busy or do something that will engage in interesting activities. 

There are ways one can come out of his boredom or find renewed interest in his life. Like when I see a woman trying to ride a bicycle with the help of his 15 years old son just for the sake of doing something new or watch a man of 50 learning to swim with the help of a boy 30 years younger.

I love that when I see someone doing something for the first time and then the matter is certainly not limited to the adventure part of the learning a new activity but it is all about a person was trying to do something new to keep his life interesting. 

And bringing something new is not limited to learning something new but there are so many other things you can try to bring “Newness’ to your life. For instance, change your daily rout to your office if possible and try a new one and see the difference. 

Try meeting an old friend you haven’t met for ages or just close the door of your bedroom and dance to the tune of your favorite music until you drop on to your bed totally tired and feel the difference. There are so many ways you can try for bringing something new to your routine life. 

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