Yosemite National Park is located in U.S.A. . Yosemite National Park is  full of beautiful landscape, the cliffs and the inspiring waterfalls.  Apart from valley, park is full of many other attractive places.  Every year millions of tourists from all over the world visit Yosemite in order to climb the vertical shaped mountain located in the northern side of Yosemite Valley.


In the eastern part of San Francisco, Yosemite National Park is Located. It is located about 220 miles in the High Sierras. For visiting this beautiful park, you need to start your journey from I-580 toward east, I-205 toward east, I-5 toward north and CA-120 toward East.  For entering into the beautiful National park, at last you have to follow CA-120 toward East direction. Suppose, you start your journey from West direction, you have to take CA-120 for visiting Yosemite National Park. Suppose, you start your journey from Loss Angeles, you have to prefer CA-140 for visiting Yosemite National Park. Finally, CA-140 is going to emerge into CA-120. If you like to enter on CA-120 from the east direction, you have to pass Tioga pass. Tioga pass is not open for you all the time. If you visited park with your Car, you have to pay 20 Dollars/car or 1200 rupees/car. Number of the national park in Yosemite is much more than your imagination. If you plan to visit more than two parks in a calendar year, it is best for you to make the pass for 50 dollar or 3000 rupees.

Valley Located in Yosemite

Valley located in Yosemite is most visited place of the Yosemite National Park. Large number of visitors from all over the world visited Yosemite Valley during the summer season from June to August. This might create traffic jam problem. You have to consider traffic jam problem during your visiting to Yosemite National Park during Summer Season. You might escape from traffic jam, but you have to select trails for visiting this park. If you decide that you give your full day to Yosemite, this park is best destination for you. If you are a person, like to eat food during your visiting, it is best place for you to buy some food item. You can take buses. Through bus, you can move every part of Yosemite. If you decide to visit this Yosemite Valley, you have to start your journey between February, March, April and May. It is the prefer time to visit Yosemite Valley. Roads are full of snow due to heavy snowfall in the month of February. You have to call on 209-372-0200 to know about weather condition.

Glacier Point Road

Now, you have to know some fact about the Glacier Point Road. The place receives heavy rainfall. This Road is open in the month of May. You have to drive around 33 miles to cover Glacier Point Road. You can found many beautiful views during your journey on Glacier Point Road. You may also stop at this place for enjoying 4-mile trail. During your trail, you must encounter underestimated elevation that may fill your heart with fear. 

Mariposa Grove

324px-Grizzly Giant Mariposa Grove

Lets us come to know something about Mariposa Grove. Mariposa is one of the biggest groves in the Yosemite. During the winter season, this grove is close due to heavy rainfall. Still, you like to visit; you have to hike on the deposited snow. You can found two category of Mariposa grove like Upper grove and Lower Grove. During your tour to Mariposa Grove, you see one of the largest trees, which known, as Grizzly Giant. The age of this tree is around 1800 years.

Tioga Pass

Lets us come to known some facts about Tioga Pass. The best time to visit Tioga Pass is in the month of June and July. This place also known as back-country. In order to reach Tioga Pass, you have take CA-120 because it passes Yosemite from the east direction to the west direction.  Normally, road might closed in the month October and open in the month may. Apart from this, it might possible that the road remain closed until July due to heavy rainfall. You cannot visit this place during the winter season due to heavy snowfall. Wildflowers might bloom during the month of June and July. The height of Tioga pass is around 3030 meter or 9944 feet. From Tioga pass, you might click some of the wonderful views of the Yosemite national park. You can find an another beautiful grove known as Tuolumne Grove at the intersection close to Crane flat during driving toward Yosemite valley. At Tuolumne Grove, it is easy to see the largest sequoias. As compared to Mariposa Grove, Tuolumne Grove is not big and wonderful but it will not make your down.

Must know tips

If you are alone, forget about help. Help is not close to you. You have to help yourself. Yosemite is a house of Black Bears. You might encounter with the large number of black Bears. Be alert. Bears are able to break a glass of your car and take your food. A bear smell your food and reach to your food. It is your responsibility to pack your food in such a way that bear not smell your food. Keeping your food in open space, it is chance that you may fall in danger. You cannot escape from bears. Bear is able to climb on the tree, and they are faster than you are. Apart from bears, there might be another danger in the form of mountain lions. It is your duty to save your little children from these kinds of danger around you. If you like to click a photo, you have to bring your digital camera for clicking pictures. Bring extra Battery and memory card. Many times, I see people become panic because they have not enough space to click more pictures. To save yourself from such panic, it is good to bring extra Battery and memory card. 


If you visit here during the weekend, you might pay more money. If you arrange a trip during the week, it is better for you. You can get better deals as compare to weekend. You may find a large number of people visiting this place during the weekend. E1 Portal is a place near to the Yosemite natural Park situated on Ca-140. At this place, you might get some attractive deals. You can also prefer hotels located on Ca-120. Many people do not prefer this place because it is far from the Yosemite natural Park.

Eastern side Hotels

During your journey to Lee Vining, city located on the way of Mono Lake, you may stay at hotel, Best Western. It is the only hotel in Lee Vining.  Toward southern part of your journey from Yosemite, you reach to the city of Mammoth Lakes. At this place, large number of hotels is located. 


All restaurants in Yosemite are almost full during peak season. You have to wait for your seat. Suppose, you are not ready to wait, Pizzeria is available for you. A pizzeria is a place where you might buy various kinds of Pizzas. In other word, it is a Pizza Restaurant. If you cross Visitor Center, you may find small shops from where you can buy Burger and sandwich. Many people do not prefer Burger and sandwich but when you are tired, you must eat such nasty sandwich and burger.


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