Whenever any guest arrives in my house, I just call them and they have free home delivery service. It is a big shop and has a proper arrangement of seat. The shop is very well decorated and fully air-conditioned. Many people gathered in the evening to enjoy the ticklecious of the pizza. The restaurant is very neat and clean. Here one has to take self-service.


In pizza castle, one could only enjoy the veg pizzas. However, the various types of veg pizzas are available here. It has small, medium and large size of pizzas available. They are not as costly as other pizza corner. Special combo pack is also available which could be enjoyed with the family. Young boys and girls could enjoy with their friends.

Value for the money

Like other pizza corner, the pizzas here are very reasonable and tasty. They serve the customer with pure healthy pizza. The bread which is used for the pizza is made by the staff itself and they care for the proper hygiene. They also look after the taste of the food and try to serve the customer with best quality pizza.


The Pizza Castle is not so big but it is very much airy. It has proper arrangement for the seating. The staff here is very friendly. The seats are not so comfortable but it is not so bad also. The place is very good to just hang out with friends and enjoy the tasty and yummy pizza from the Castle. The restaurant opens in the evening and it is almost crowded.

End Note

The restaurant is fully air-conditioned. It is very quiet place and very neat and clean. One could enjoy the various tastes of pizzas here. They also provide home delivery service with the minimum order of Rs 200.

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