If you are planning to decorate your house, then take a pen and paper and start planning on paper as to how you want your house to be decorated? If you have bought a new home, so you should first try to decorate your living room. Then you should do for dining area, and then you should plan about the walls and then bedroom.

Which direction would be appropriate for which room? What would be the colors on the walls? What and which kind of furniture should be there in the house? How should be the placement of the furniture in the house? What kind of Curtains should be there on doors and windows? How we should tackle the change of season in the house? What are the things we should buy to decorate our house? How we can give a different look to our house with few changes done in the decoration? These are some questions which you are going to deal with. I am going to give some tips on how you could change your house and give a different look to your house.

Here are some tips on which you should ponder

 To change the atmosphere of your house, you can also start with Living room. First of all, take one pen and paper and prepare one list. In that list, write about what you would like to put in your living room? Or what are the things which you want to replace with new one? The advantage of preparing a list, will give you clear idea about how your house will look? And what changes you want in your house?

  • Now you should concentrate on curtains which you will put on Doors and Windows. If you have put a light color shades of Curtain at the Door and windows, then you should better remove them and replace them with some dark shades. Those dark color shades curtain looks better in winter season.
  • If possible, you should buy a good Carpet from the market. Carpet in the living room always gives a good look to the house. If your budget is not good enough to buy carpet, then as an alternative you can use dark shades and thin design mat. Mat can also look good.
  • In the room, you should not have only one type of arrangement of furniture. You should try to re-arrange them. Try some different place to keep your furniture from where it looks good. With a little change you can give a nice and attractive looks to your house.
  • If your budget is not enough to have paint on the walls, then you can change the wall paintings which are already hanging on the wall. Changes always give a different look.
  • Now days, Modern art is very much popular in the homes. You should choose such type of wall painting which suits your house and also it suits your personality.
  • There is no better than hanging your family photographs on the wall. This gives a better feeling than any other wall painting. I believe that in living room and in bed room, and then should be at least one big photo which is about your family. While sitting in living room or bed-room, various times our eyes goes on that photo and this keep us unite. It binds the family. You can put your wonderful moment photo on the wall. Let me tell you, if you go on looking at those photos, you re-memorize those moments again and you never know, you could have those moments once again in your real life. This also spreads the positive energy in your life and you house becomes active. Environment changes in your house as your family remains always happy.
  • If your pocket gives you permission, I hope that it will give, try to place some colorful plants in your house. Plants could be plastic or artificial flowers. You can keep in your living room or in bed-room.
  • You can also put wind chimes at the main entrance of the door. When the breeze will pass through wind chimes, a sweet sound will come to your ears and you will love it.
  • Apart from these above things, you should take special care about the cleaning of your house. If you want your house more beautiful, then Candles could play an important role. You can bug big candles from the market or you can buy one big chandelier, on which you can put candles and you can give a good grace to your house.

If you will change few little things in your house, you will feel better and your house will look attractive. You will see your dream house in front of you. So, don’t waste time and start changing your house. All the best.

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