Even those who do not perform Latin American repertoire, and in general has no interest in ballroom dancing, rumba heard of anything. This style of music emerged in the nineteenth century in Cuba, a merger of African and Spanish cultures, the first of which was brought together with the slaves, and the second brought by settlers.

Until then transform the dance was performed only in the poor neighborhoods of Cuban cities - black people get together and so distracted from grief and sorrow, but in the words of the songs that accompanied the dance movements, expressed his social protest against living conditions. In the early 19 century, rumba has already been performed in three versions:

- Iambic (yambu) - Slow and Steady on boys dance for the elderly;

- Guaguanko (guaguanco) - also doubles the dance, but quickly and dramatically expressive movements. Spicy it was an element vacuna, symbolizing man's desire to possess the female body;

- Colombia (columbia) - a solo dance for men, filled with complex movements and acrobatic tricks, which allows the player to fully disclose their abilities.

Dance guaguanko was the most popular. It Cavalier relentlessly pursues the woman, trying to get in touch with her hips, but she holds back so daring passion partner. Rumba so very quickly became known as the dance of love, but "moved" from Cuba to the United States, the dance has toned down its erotic fervor and found features of self-restraint. This version of the rumba became known as the American, and that it began to spread around the world and win the hearts of dancers and lovers of Latin American motifs, generation after generation.

Among the abundance of ballroom dancing has to offer studio dance , rumba characterizes most emotional. Modern dance is different erotic flowing movements and stride. It guess the features characteristic of the blues. From rumba Select the directional cha-cha-cha - a more rapid and vigorous, and what was left and became a classic rumba, has kept a slow pace and turned into a minor sound.

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