I have a friend who has been unemployed for about seven years because he always wanted to be a self-employed person despite he has the top class degrees and matching experience of his trade. Moreover, he has no plan yet chalked out to go to the self-employment ways. I have tried to explain to him that this is no time to start a business but go for the job for the time being and look for a right opportunity. He would rather prefer not listen to me, but lost in his dreams. He likes his ideas, not my advices. That is his choice.


His qualifications are quite impressive, like he is MBA, degree by a top class Karnataka State University, expert in Forex Trading, an engineer’s degree in automobile. However if he agrees with me that the right path of self-employment is only right but on a right time when the conditions are suitable for the same and when he is prepared mentally and financially. He is too busy daydreaming but never listens to me.

Here is a true success story

 Now let me tell you all a little bit of factual side of the story. I know of a person who used to have a real top class job in one of the biggest multi-nationals until 1998, he analyzed other companies and opportunities well in advance before giving up his job for a self-employment program; he then took the proper steps and enter in to the business of inverters. He made the plans well, manufactured according to demands of the masses, the whole works that it takes to be successful in a business

Actually, this man too was planning some thing like this for years. Then one day when he was, assigned to find a new project due to recession in the particular sector and report on what opportunities could be waiting for them. He did his best efforts, and found that the Inverter industry was growing at fast pace, actually growing at something like 600% annually, that was a big number. He reported to this to his company, but also could not get that number out of his mind. To top it all he was shocked to see that his idea was, rejected outright as ‘not suitable’ for an industry of their stature.

He did resign from his top post and found a willing collaborate soon after, with a dream to become self-employed in his new venture. They worked hard, designed circuits with the help of able designers; he chalked out a business plan about marketing the finished product carefully, explored the areas of demand and arranged for the required funds. Soon they found out a place near Delhi where raw material was readily available, skilled labor a plenty and market available nearby. I know this person very well as later I helped him finding some market out of my own net work who wanted to diversify.


I know self-employment allows us to fulfill our dreams beyond that, there are all sorts of other reasons to go the self-employment or own work ways, whatever are the means of getting them fulfilled. More and more people are entering in to self-employment, now let me explain first, what do I mean by going for self-employment?

As we are always in a kind of tension of getting, fired from the owners who may either find a cheaper substitute or were eying on the competitor’s strategies and were looking for their top man who could replace you for that particular project. This is not so, in the case if one is self-employed or while he runs his own company. When you are self-employed, there is no one to show you the door or fire you but you yourself. Yes, you are the only one who would show you the door if you are not careful enough and work very hard to make the business run as per plans.

You can decide things your own way

 Sure, you may lose concentration some times as you are not working for some one else according to some one else’s ideas. You will lose few dealers/distributors to your competitors but now you are the boss and you can always find out new markets, new customers, and the choice is yours you have to decide about marketing strategies according to your budget and plans. There are one hundred and one very good reasons to become self-employed and start your own business, but I would like to tell you just one and that is self-employment offers you a far greater job satisfaction than working for someone else

This is not the story of this friend who entered in to manufacturing of inverters because his mind was already working on this. However, there are many more like him who resigned from their highly paid jobs and enter in to some thing of their own. You may be interested to know the brand name or the name of the person, but I would refrain from doing so. However, I can give you hint that this brand is a well-known brand and is popular all over the country. This is not the only story of this man who is running a very successful business today and is a well, known manufacturer of inverters. No, I shall not open the name of this friend or the brand name, as that may not be appropriate and against the ethics of the business terms.

This is not necessary to enter into the business alone; this is good to do it with a friend or two. After all self-employed people are out to make a decent living with their efforts and independent contribution starting from small business, which may develop into a big one any time later and they can further enhance it to any greater heights. What I am trying to emphasize that they are, one or two person businesses, although they may hire expert employees later or sooner of a particular field which is beyond their own reach.


Here is the last point, I know of someone who, like many people those worked with a 9to 5 job has now elected to go the self-employment way rather than the traditional employment even though he is as good as they come, qualified, fit and able to meet the challenges associated with a regular job. Yes, you guessed it right I am talking about myself

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