Special loans for civil servants, career soldiers, and judge

Among the special loans includes the official credit , the settlement of his normal practice is different in. It is explicitly to officials and public servants, given provided that no more than 58 years, since it is usually long-term loan is in.

The most secure supply situation of the profession enables providers to a particular calculation basis with relatively low fixed interest rates over a period of 12 to 20 years. Here, the loan amount depends on the monthly net income of the borrower and is approximately 20 - to 24-fold.

The loan officer is a combination product, which consists of a grace loans, capital life insurance or an annuity with lump-sum option is offset by a. The flow rate from loan officers, the end of the contract paid off on. Therefore, both have the same contract period. Often results in addition or capital from the profit-sharing, which is paid out.
Accordingly, the structure consists of loan officers, the monthly rate payable on the loan interest together (for the interest-only loans) and the contribution to the endowment insurance or annuity. The amount of contribution to the life insurance, however, the age-dependent.

The fast track to credit your offer

The loan officer is its use although not earmarked terms, however, need to pre-existing commitments - property finance - will be replaced with the exception of.
A loan officer is therefore one of the best financing options for this profession. Ongoing expensive personal loans or car financing can be conveniently replaced hereby. As a security officer status is only required with the regular income, with a quiet strength assignment is agreed upon, which then enter into force only when the repayment will not occur. Any history of seizures or content is a negative Schufa registration officials, the request for credit denied.

Even as the officials of credit shall be that a comparison of the various offers is useful because the terms of the insurance companies and banks have quite a few differences.

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