When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.  ~Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Writing is all about putting your thoughts on a piece of paper. We read various articles- over the internet, in the newspaper, as a book, etc. All these are thoughts presented in the form of writing of an individual. The art of writing has popularized so much that people have taken it as a serious profession. People who have good writing skills opt writing even as their part time career. One of the most popular part time job is writing over the internet. The internet is a global platform. The audience reading your content is not from any localized place, rather they are spread globally.  If you writing for people across the globe, here comes the questions as what are the most read topics over the internet. Here are few topics which are read more frequently. If you are a writer who is stuck up on choosing the appropriate topic to write on, consider picking up on any one of the following topics:

Earn money Online: This is one of the most popular topics over the web. Almost everyone using the web reads an article about how to get monetary benefits working online. Not only that, there are lot many articles in this topic written by various authors who present it in their own way and from their own experience. Read at least 5 articles on this topic and you will know about many ways to earn money online.411


Website/Blog marketing:  This is one of the interested topics to write on.  Website/Blog marketing include topics related to SEO techniques, back linking, page rank, page view, website layout, etc. In fact this topic covers the entire subject that deals with popularizing your online presence. There are lot many sites which have contents written only on the ways in which you could enhance your web presence. Such sites will only work if there are people reading about these topics and the popularity of these sites prove that


Inspirational Writing: People love reading contents that inspires them. Of course reading inspirational things heals the mind in a better way. Be it an article on how to organize your time or the deep thoughts on meditation and yoga, the readers cherishes every bit of information provided to them.


Virus, Security and Troubleshooting: Almost everyone is using computers these days. With so many new software launched in the market, the threat of viruses is one of the main concern for every computer user. There are so many types of viruses, malware, adware, etc that are flooded all over the web and infect the computers every now and then. Merely running an antivirus is not helping now-a-days. The users are now concerned about how to remove such malicious virus completely. Lot many articles are written addressing different kinds of virus threats and their troubleshooting. So, in case if you encounter any typical virus thread and have successfully resolved it, it is a good idea to share it over the net. You would be helping a lot of people facing the same issue and would get appreciation too.413

   Web security is also one of the most crucial topic. People have become aware of the hacking techniques and are reluctant to allow others to use their information. The awareness of the hacking techniques have encouraged the hackers to write informative contents about security concerns. These people are basically information security specialist who has deep knowledge on the ins and outs of how data is being used over the net. Suggestions from them would surely help in securing the personal information of a user. If you are someone, having good command over networking, go ahead and write something beneficial for the users.


Home Decor and Gardening: Everyone dreams of having a beautiful house. Not the trend is such that even a person from the middle class background would want to his/her in the best possible way. People are becoming more and more conscious on decorating their home. In such a case, articles written on home interiors and decoration find an edge. Also gardening has taken a stroll. Whether you own a big house or small one, gardening has become one of the most favorite hobbies among people.



Technology: With time, the thing which has advanced in the most fast pace is technology. Be it a mobile, laptop, ipad or some recent gadgets, people love reading them all. Writing about technology gives a greater span for writing. You could write about the functionality of a particular gadget, your views on its usability, the latest trends of various technology used in a gadget, give you views and reviews, etc. To discuss technology, the topics are never ending. Pick any one if them and start writing.


The various “How to….” And “Why….” : People are always curious to know as why and how are things are done. Go to any forum and would find people flooding their questions with the various “How’s” and “Why’s”. Answering these questions in the form of an article with a detailed discussion is always a welcoming idea.


History and biography of famous personality: People adore reading about the life of famous and remarkable personalities. Writing about their life and presenting it in the most refreshing way would attract the readers.


Tourism and geographical location: When you begin planning about a tourist place, the first thing that most of us follow these days is to search about it over the web readings about the accommodation, fooding, the famous destinations to visit, etc. This is the most common thing followed all over. People appreciate reading about personal experience about a particular place. If you have been to some good tourist spot, share your experience in the form of your writing.415


Food and various dishes: Food is one of the most vital part of our lives. With the advent of globalization, people appreciate trying out dishes from all over the world. If you have some idea about the amazing dishes or even if you want to share your local food habits, write an article on them.

 A word of note at the end: Before you opt to write on any of the above topics, make sure that you have done enough research. Your writing speaks all for you over the web.

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