I was recently browsing through Yahoo answers and few other similar websites. I came across questions like how to clear history, how to delete temp files, etc. I thought of sharing this article.


If you are using Internet Explorer 7.0, follow these simple steps to clear browsing history and temp files:


1. Open IE Window

2. Click Tools > Internet Options

3. In the General tab, you can find "Browsing History."

4. Click Delete.

5. If you wish you can delete Temporary Internet files or History or Cookies separately else you may click "Delete All."

6. Once the deleting process is complete, close the browser.


Browsing History and temp files are successfully deleted now.


If you are using Firefox, follow these steps:


1. Open Firefox browser

2. Click Tools > Options

3. Click the icon named "Privacy."

4. Click "Browsing History Now' or "Clear Now" option depending on the version of Firefox.

5. Click Ok when the browsing history is deleted.


If using Google Chrome, follow these steps to remove browsing history:


1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Are you able to see the wrench icon? Click this and choose "Clear browsing data."

3. Check the options depending on what you wish to delete. You can delete only browsing history or can delete cookies, cache, download history, etc.

4. Click "Clear Browsing Data."


Browsing history is now deleted.


Clearing history and temp files is an easy very task regardless of the browser you use.



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