Internet A Growing Need of our Nation, Internet is best option to learn, enjoy, and even earn from it. Internet help students in their studies, a mother in learning cooking, a kid to play games, a man to do official work. In today's arena it is even used for chatting with friends, relatives who live hundreds of kilometers away from us. There has been a steady growth in Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Skype and many more.

But using internet is not so safe, it can even take us on road and can make us a beggar in a minute! Children using Facebook know only how to chat but they don't know who is behind the ID. There are many Black Hat Hackers - ( Hackers who hack for Illegal Purposes). They create fake ID's that look exactly as a victim's friend or relative and extract confidential information from the victim. There is one another method known as Phishing which is the latest way of hacking.

Phishing is a technique in which hackers create a log in page which exactly looks like the official page of Website and they send it to victim and when victim clicks on it they are redirected to " Sign In " page and when they enter the information it directly goes to the hacker and they get hacked! 

Phishing Page of Facebook

 Steps To Be Saved From Phishing Attack :-

1. Always Check The URL of Website you are visiting .

2. Never Click on the Shortened URL ( Like Adfly ) . First Check it then click on it .

3. Never give your confidential information online to anyone .

4 . When You See a Log in Page which asks for your Email ID and Password , always check it's URL from address bar. ( Sometime Phishing page are created just by changing a letter on Main Website . ( Like www. Facedook .com  ) 

5. Always have a Antivirus installed which checks the web pages whether they are secure or not .

Internet is a great tool to learn and explore , but use it in a safe way otherwise you will have to pay for it . This Phishing page can be created of any website ( Not only Facebook ) . It can be created even of Bank Websites and with it a Hacker can transfer all your savings to his account within a second . So Whenever You Come to this type of page - Be Aware and Report it to Cyber Security .

It is Illegal to Hack but if you write your information with your own hands - It will be your Mistake !

Be Safe BE Alert ....   !! 

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