It is a electronic devices that replicate a cigar or other smoking pipes are called  "e-cigarettes"or "e-cigs". A public consultation on the discussion Anvisa (National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance) to prohibit the entry into the country of electronic cigarettes. These devices, usually made in China, are identical to a common cigarette in appearance and format, but contains no tobacco, but a refill for nicotine and flavorings. The idea of the inventors of e-cigarette was to create a device that does not release smoke pollution and help to contain the anxiety of smokers who can not let the smoke from the side. A study by the FDA, the U.S. agency equivalent to Anvisa, pointed out that these devices are just as carcinogenic as cigarette policy and recommended that its trading is suspended in the United States, where there is no rule prohibiting this. In Brazil, the legislation requires that any food, drug or product that affects human health to be recorded in Anvisa before being marketed. Nevertheless, electronic cigarettes can be found on newsstands, street trading or auction sites on the web. Sought by Plantao INFO, Anvisa said a public consultation in the final analysis is defining a standard that completely prohibit the entry of these devices in Brazil. Although their trade is not allowed, it is now possible to bring the e-cigarettes to the country on the grounds of their own use.   The electronic cigarette has a small nebulizer that generates steam every time the User aspires. The process removes nicotine and flavoring a refill inserted into the cigarette and generates a mist inhaled by the User. The idea is to simulate the effect of a common cigarette. Some models produce heat, and contains an orange lamp on the edge of the device in order to better simulate the burning of tobacco. The smoke exhaled by the consumers, producers say, would be composed only of water vapor and non-aggressive to the "passive smokers", people who are on the side of those who smoke. The whole process is fed by a lithium battery, which can be recharged. As the use of refill to quantitate the amount of nicotine consumed, in theory the electronic cigarette could help smokers to quit the addiction side, gradually diminishing the content of the substance in refills. On the Internet, these devices are found for between $ 150 and $ 300.

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