Google announced a new service for high end mobile phones like as blackberry, iPhone and Android etc named Google Goggles. This is basically a mobile application that uses images as the basis for searching images online.This is available as an free application on the lot of supporting phones including nokia's S60 platform.

Photographing an object is the same as entering the same entry into search engines, so a book or a painting will get you a background information as if you entered th search manually. This means that user can search for things they cannot describe in words, or do not yet know how to.Clicking a business card, scans the information allowing you to add the information to contacts or to dial a number immediately. A live search feature allows a user to point the camera around, without even clicking ,and related results scroll along the bottom of the screen like a ticker. This works well for areas covered well by Google street view though.

Some of the applications planned are a little unbelievable though, including recognise a particular tree based on a single leaf.

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