Finding out how to build up a "Thin-Film" photovoltaic cell is really exciting informative project & it helps you acquire to clasps on the photoelectrical effect.

What You require:
• Sheet of copper
• Perspex or acrylic sheeting 
• A few thin out strip of wood
• Copper wire
• Channel tape

• Metal guillotine (upon requirement)
• Band saw (optional)
• Tin snips
• Electrical band hob

Firstly, cut off a square from the Cu sheeting and so that it's almost 6-8 in foursquare sized. It's much gentler to behave these with a metallic guillotine; even so, if you have not brought access to these kind of devices, snips will function just alright.
As you've executed this, clean your hands good & dry out them. You require to move out some lubricating oil or vegetable oil from the hands that may get troubles on the following pace of the action. Get rid of any dirt or dust from the Cu sheeting. Next, bring a bit of emery cloth, & exhaustively sand down the bit of Cu along both faces to polish off the top level of oxidated Cu.
This will allow you with good brightly glazed red Cu underneath.
You at once require to heat up process the Cu, so tobuild an oxide covering upon topmost. It might sound unreasonable that we have barely bumped off all oxide and instantly we're going to place oxide back up on, but the layer of oxide covering we'll be employing will equal a film by Cuprous oxide.

You will require an electric hob for this. If you've some "inflame proof goves" & metallic pair of tongs, this could be the occassion to acquire them so to deal the alloy though redhot.
You need to release the heater to the peak adjustment, with the plate of Cu just located upon crest. Detect the alterations to the Cu cautiously, it is very exciting.

Because you heat up the Cu, it acquires a adorable bright patina of different colorings.
If you cause approach to Nitric acid, you are able to apply this as a brilliant technique for moving out the top cupric oxide stratum.
You'll ascertain a dark crusted oxide class along cover of the Cu plate. If you allow the shell to cool down slow, the crusted stratum should convert clean breakable & apart well from the underlying Cu. When you have got admitted the sheet to cool down good, feed the shell a firmly bang side on to a severe surface. A few of the oxidelayer will bulge away. Scratch the oxide lightly with your thumbs below a tap, & you'll come up almost of the dark layer of oxide breaks away well. If some chips are stubborn, don't under whatever conditions flush it, as we don't prefer to harm the delicate surface.

Under these dark layer of oxide, you'll discover additional layer of red chromatic rusty coloration. This is the stratum which is "light-sensitive" & will produce our thin-film photovoltaic cell do work.
Build a spacer at once from few dilute strips of woods. I applied channel tape to connect my bits of woods together – don't apply silver fixes because they can react electrolytically on the former elements of the cell.

We're immediately going to construct other electrode. It's to deliver the attribute that it doesn't contact the other bit of the photovoltaic cell, & allows for light to reach the surface. We're giving out to apply salt water because our other electrode, bringing in touch on the entire surface of the lean film cell, as yet conducting electrical energy. We're so going to soak up additional Cu cable to build the connector. You may equally apply additional bit of Cu plate just about the external of the light-film cell, only not disturbing our oxidated Cu.
In a commercialised light film cell, oxide of tin is generally applied as the opposite electrode, because it's clean & even deports electricity.
At present acquire a part of Perspex to do for a cover up plate, & bond a strip of channel taping on either face.
We're getting to bond our opposite electrode cable to this bit of Perspex.

Think back to employ thickish conducting wire for clearness, with a couple of factual cranks and so that you'll be able to distinctly see what is advancing. To optimise the operation of your photovoltaic cell, you prefer to build the conductor big. To this end, you're better applying dozens of leaner caliber wire in a a good deal better zag pattern-this will all the same allow for the light to come through, at the equivalent time affords a great conductor surface area.

You will be able to try out with a different sorts of cable & Cu. The method is to sample & maximise the area of the Cu, although trying to block up as small light as achievable from arriving at the photovoltaic cell.
Bend the channel taping across & bind the conducting wirewith the plate.

We're at once attending aggregate the electrode rod or plate with the blank space. Once again, channel taping builds this a decent easy line of work.
Next, we're going to acquire the Cu plate, & bind channel taping to single face, with the gluey face of the taping facing up the same direction because the level of red Cu oxide.
Fuse the plate & the front end module to arrive at the ended solar cell.
Right away, take a bit common salt water, & fill up the null between the Perspex face division & the Cu shell. Seal off the module with channel taping all-around to avoid leak.
At last, link up your cell to a multimeter, detect a shining light, & research about of the electric attributes of your photovoltaic cell.

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