Operating System is a set of control programs which coordinates between user & hardware and forms an interface between them.

Operating system is a system software which communicate with the hardware of computer . It accept command in simple English language and convert it to signals or machine language which computer hardware can understand. Computer hardware are electronic components which communicates among themselves in electronic signals for performing their task. Users of computer does not understand electronic signals so it is next to impossible for a person to operate computer without OS.

Operating System performs lots of jobs. The jobs are defined in small computer programs. these programs are collectively known as OS. OS resides in main memory and monitors the activities of the computer. Operating System ensures the smooth functioning and continues operation of the computer.

OS is like a manager of company who manage all the different functioning of the company. Likewise OS handles different jobs in computer like managing memory, process, storage etc. and helps application software to perform its task. With the help of OS , application software does not have to manage storage, memory, mouse etc. All the computers are operated with the help of OS.

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