Though we are familiar with many animals we are not aware of the interesting facts about them. Some of them are given:-

1) Kangaroo rat: Kangaroo rat is a kind of a rat found in the south western deserts of America. It is called Kangaroo rat because its kegs and tail are similar to those of the Australian Kangaroo. It never drinks water in its lifetime, it moves by jumping like a kangaroo.

2) Anaconda: Anaconda is giant snake of South America. It is so big that it can swallow a pig or deer at one stretch. It is about 10meters long and 100kg in weight. Owing to its large size and heavy weight it cannot move but when a pig or a deer passes nearby, it coils its body around the prey and squeezes tightly to kill.

3) Gorilla: Gorillas have a group life. They live in group of 15 animals. The group is led by a huge mole gorilla called silver back, which gets its name from the grey hair on its back. They look after the babies until they are about 3yeras old.

4) Elephant: Elephant is the largest land animal. An African elephant spends 20 hours a day feeding, eating 150 kg of plants and drinking 90 liters of water a day. If a baby elephant’s mother dies, the baby elephant is adopted by an aunt who is one of the females in the herd.

5) Cheetah: Cheetah is the fastest land animal. It attains a speed of 100km per hour. It can take stride as it runs because it has bent bones. It can run nearly 3 times quicker than the fastest human sprinter.

6) Slots: Sloth is the slowest of all land animals. They are silliest also. A sloth attains a top speed of 2 kilometers per hour. Sloths sleep for at least 18 hours a day hanging from the branch of a tree.

7) Mole rats: Naked mole rats live in large groups. But each one has its own special work to do. The smallest rats work hardest. They dig and repair funnels. The longer rats for less work, guarding the colony and looking after the young. The largest mole rat is the queen whose job is to have babies.

8) Bat: bats are mammals. They have large ears and best hearing capacity. They use sound to catch food and find their way in darkness. They make very high squeaking noises which hit objects and bounce back as echoes. From these echoes bats can observe where to fly to find insects and avoid obstacles. Bat is the only mammal capable of sustained flight. It usually hangs head down of rest. It is a nocturnal mammal.


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